An unexpected PR and a potty video

Yeah, so I ran 18 miles yesterday and negative split by four minutes!

In the rain!

With no socks!

Running backwards (lie)!

Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation points, but holymotherofgod, this was the best run I’ve ever had in my LIFE.

Can you believe it? I can’t.

The first nine was in 1:38:47 and the second nine (okay, nineISH) was in 1:34:01. Did you see that last mile? I have no idea how that even happened. I felt like I was on air. I had this dopey grin on my face and I was singing and dancing. I hardly even hurt today.

I made a pit stop at my regular porta-potty with four miles to go and shot this very special video for you with my ipod. You better appreciate it, damn it, because I look disgusting.

Keep in mind this is before I had my epiphany-ish last four miles, so I was still pretty discouraged about having to run home in the rain. And I was seriously soaked already.

Sidenote: My mom would like for me to point out that, while she does have a very well-developed sense of humor, she thinks filming a video in a porta-potty is just inappropriate and not funny at all. I’ll let you decide.

I did end up losing the socks after I left the john. I think it’s part of what contributed to the wonderfulness of those last four miles. All I could think about was squish, squish, squish, so I sat down under an awning and took the socks off. I put them on my hands! Warmy.

I knew I was running faster than normal – I just felt good – but I didn’t realize how fast because I had the socks on my hands and my sleeve was covering ye olde garmin.

Finally I took a peek around mile 17 and nearly shat. OH! Did I just jinx myself by looking? Nope. Kept running. Faster even.

A dude in a big truck honked at me, and not having any opposable middle digits handy, I did the next best thing and stuck my tongue out at him. But joyfully.

After running, I showered up and we took my parents to Upland’s Indy tasting room for a couple of flights. I took the opportunity to fill up on some Dragonfly IPA. I used the growler we got in Germany and had fun watching the girls at Upland exclaim over its funky shape.

After that we went to the Brugge Brasserie for mussels, fries and beers.

I had the Quadripple (just okay), and the Tripel de Ripple (fantastic).

Get a load of that person behind us; I want what she’s having.

We’re off to do some more parental stuff. I’ve had about four mimosas, which I’m hoping is just the right level of buzzed for antique shopping.

Peace y’all –


10 thoughts on “An unexpected PR and a potty video

  1. The fact that you took video of yourself in a porta-potty midrun during a monsoon makes me ROFL. What a fantastic run, ps. And so smart to ditch the socks; I remember having one of my longest long runs in pouring rain just like that and socks add so much more weight to your feet… sucked.

  2. I literally laughed at loud at the first seconds of that video. I mean, guffawing. “Kind of reached a new low in my life.” Hysterical. That is nasty. You are out of your mind and I like it.

  3. I wanted to comment yesterday, but I needed some quiet time to watch the video first. That is the first video from inside a Port-o-potty that I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.

    And wow, 18 miles? You deserved the whole growler!

  4. Lolercoasters at the video.

    What would you have done if somebody knocked on the door as you were doing the video? That might have made for some interesting documentary footage.

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