dirty deeds…

So. I know all of your are piddling all over yourselves about #CM10 right now, but if we could just pay attention to me for a minute? I’m a month and one day away from my first marathon and thought it might be a nice time to reflect.

Do you remember that fateful day I registered for the marathon while I was still injured from the half marathon? That was so cute of me. I was just like a baby bird that thinks it can fly, only to fall out of the tree and get mauled by a cat.

And then there was that time I laid out this whole big plan for training. I was going to do tempos and sprints all over your asses. I even signed up for a 20-mile race before I could finish six miles. Adorable.

And how about that foray into sockless running? One of my many “epiphanies” that turned out to be a very bad idea.

And remember how disgusting it was all summer? Good times…

I’ve come a long way, baby.

I probably don’t have to tell you what an ego-boost a really good long run can be. I basked in the glory of that 18-miler all.weekend.long.

Of course, I haven’t done jack since then…

What’s more is, I am taking a nice little break before the Big 20– nine for my “long” run this week, and my final long run a week from Saturday. And then it’s Tapertown, baby, population: me. (And after that, Vodkastan.)

I understand some of you get all weird about the taper, but I, for one plan to enjoy the hell out of it. There’s nothing I’m better at than taking it easy.

Hell. Your easy is the height of my training. I’ve read about you guys doing upward of 70, 80, 100 miles a week. And more. My highest mileage week might be 30 (but probably more like 28).

Don’t get me wrong. I’d run more if I could. I’m just still working out the kinks. But I did have an awakening of sorts…

I experienced an enormous change in my endurance and comfort level as soon as I started wearing those light weight rinky dink little track shoes and ditched the stability and the cushioning.

I do still have some stiffness and achiness in my heels early morning and late at night. What’s baffling is that I get this weird pain in the side of my heel — but only when I bend it in just a certain way; as long as I don’t do that, it’s fine. (I don’t think it’s the Achilles, but it’s closeby.) For some reason, none of this actually bothers me WHILE I’m running, so it’s easy to overlook.

I’m not saying that’s a good thing, I’m just saying I’m gonna ignore it as long as I can. Then when it turns out to be AIDS or cancer, all you guys can say I told you so.

I mean. Isn’t that really what it’s all about?

Other than that, things have been great.

And, to make up for that dreadfully rude comment up there: GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND, RUNNERS! I’ll be thinking about you as I’m drinking mimosas in my jammies.

19 thoughts on “dirty deeds…

  1. I get weird stiffness in my feet right near my super seXXXy bunions. (You’ve showed me yours, I should show you mine.) I never know what to make out of it. I swear feet just rebel sometimes. But yeah, lighter shoes help. A lot.

    Also, If Sunday goes to hell I might have to join you in Indy.

    • FEET! Garr. They’re the bane of my existence.

      I did the 13.1 of this race last year and it’s a completely flat, fast course downtown. And you totally have a place to stay if you do.

      (And by “place” I totally mean the shed behind my house.)

  2. You just know you LOVE HEARING ABOUT CHICAGO. Seriously though it’s awesome to “know” someone else going through the first time marathoner thing. Good luck on the 20 and no worries on the random heel pain – after my 18 miler I woke up on that tuesday and nearly wiped out from pain. It’s gone though and I’m now going crazy with the taper monster.

    I may be running the half for the monumental if I can convince the hubs I’m not crazy. That’s a big if.

    • Do it! It’ll be a piece of cake after the marathon. I seriously am just jealous I’m not running Chicago. I can’t stand to think that anyone, anywhere is doing something and I’m not involved. Hee.

      BTW are you going to that thing at the Brugge tomorrow?

  3. I get weird little feet aches all the time that terrify me, but they never seem to progress into anything. Probably normal that you’re having some achies with that sweet new shoe transition. And you’re right, tapering is the bomb… I enjoyed the laying around aspect of it. The part that drove me batty was waiting the f around to run the darn thing already…

  4. That part at the end where your heel only hurts when you bend it a certain way. Dr. Dad always gave the exact advice you figured out yourself. “Well, then stop doing that!”

  5. “that was cute of me” Love it.

    I did the same thing. I was drunk and fresh off of crutches when I bragged that I could kick ass at the half marathon. Not the best of ideas, but it worked out ok. You’re going to rock it. Not worried.

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