karma’s a bitch

So I ran four miles early this morning with a headlamp – booyah!

This was my first foray into headlamp running; unfortunately all that pompous talk about being a runner caught up with me and I ran like total ass. Don’t you love karma?

I didn’t necessarily feel bad, I just ran slow and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I felt like I was running at a decent clip only to see the dreaded 11s rearing their ugly heads on the garmin.

Let’s see how many excuses we can come up with in 20 seconds:

toenails needed trimming
giant pimple on my ass made me run lopsided
headlamp felt weird
stiff from not stretching after last night’s workout
empty stomach
dreamed about running all night and woke up exhausted


Pretty good, eh? Daniel Tosh would be proud of me.

I drank a 3 Floyds Pride & Joy last night; not a new beer for me but a sessiony favorite. Top 20. Maybe even Top 15. (Ohhhh blog post idea.)

Just look how pretty!

At 5% ABV/42 IBU, P&J is classified as a “mild ale,” but don’t let that fool you. It’s not mild on flavor. (God I sound like a marketing machine don’t I? Mr. Floyd! Hire me!)

It’s got a nice hoppy kick, but not enough to make the non-beer peeps cringe. Grassy, fruity, with a nice foamy head and a silky smooth finish.

True story: when my husband bought this last week, he also picked up a six pack of Corona for the ‘rents.

Dude behind the counter says, “Let me guess, this is for you and the Corona is for your guests.” Hee. Nailed it!

Anyhoo, it’s good. I would tell you to go getcha some but judging by the visitor map on my site analytics, you probably can’t. Sorry ’bout ya.

Tonight, we’re going to see Louis C.K. (hence, the early morning run), and I’m just off my rocker for him. He’s hysterial and crude and just plain wrong so it should be funsies.

peace –


14 thoughts on “karma’s a bitch

    • I actually really liked it – it stayed put and wasn’t too tight or anything. It’s just an old one my husband had from boy scouts or something. It was kinda weird only being able to see a couple feet in front of me though – I had to tilt my head back to see further!

  1. Oh, PLEASE do a top beer post?! Top fall beer? I would love it.

    I also need to get a headlamp. They look dorky, but not as dorky as a runner squashed by a Ford Expedition.

  2. We’ve gone to see Louis CK a couple of times at the Tempe Improv here in AZ. I laughed so hard that BOTH times I ended up spilling the entire contents of a glass – one a beer, one a vodka tonic – all over myself. Quite often my darling husband and I will tell one another – lovingly – to suck a bag of dicks. Good times.

  3. I whipped my headlamp out yesterday morning and two minutes out the door, the battery died. Blargh. Mine is a crappy POS anyway.

    And seriously, same as you, I was having all these awesome runs last week and have woken up to dead legs and slow paces the past few days. No big deal… fast days and slow days, right? It’ll come around again.

  4. I love that you got corona for the guests.

    So I’m sure you’ll also crack up to the fact that my dad LOVES trying out a new brewery anytime he’s up here or wherever he’s on vacation. Only problem? He always requests a beer that is “comparable to a bud light”. hahahahaha

    I looked at my brother once and said “that seems counterproductive”.

    I’ll let that one soak in and get back with you for a response. :p

  5. Back to your Photo…

    Let’s put 20 seconds BACK on the clock.
    1. This can be yours for $9.99. The Tard Guard. Keep your tard from getting a concussion after bouncing into walls.
    2. DORK!
    3. I wondered what that spotlight was on my groin last night.
    4. DORK!
    5. This is how they keep Marie from losing her house key.
    6. DORK!

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