dunkelfarts, or: what people who aren’t running the Chicago Marathon did today

Yeah. We went to Indy’s Germanfest at the Rathskeller today because we just can’t get enough of that stuff. (And, just to continue beating the dead horse that is Germany, we actually happened to go to a bar in Munich called the Ratskeller. I got a big kick out of that.)

The hubs wore his Bier trinkt man nicht nur zum Frückstück t-shirt and it was a big hit with the actual Germans.

We drank some Dunkels and some Oktoberfests. Listened to Polka. Watched a Dachshund race (that I apologize profusely for not photographing). There was a 5k that I didn’t run, but I did have a beer with a chick who won her age group. It made me feel even more slovenly that I normally would whilst drinking during the noon hour (just kidding, I felt nothing).

Good news is, we got things done early and were home, drunk and passed out by 5 p.m.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run nine miles or so while a bunch of people who are awesomer than me are doing 26.2 in ridiculously unautumnlike weather (sorry for you guys).

Other than that, SSDD.

You guys be good.


3 thoughts on “dunkelfarts, or: what people who aren’t running the Chicago Marathon did today

  1. I am devastated that you didn’t document the dachsund race.

    In any case, you did a lot more with your pre-Chicago Saturday than I did. Good luck not running Chicago tomorrow. I’ll be right there with ya.

  2. LOL! You crack me up! While you drank beer instead of running Chicago, I drank wine. 😉 But yea…maybe next year I’ll be one of those peeps running a big race too!

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