Hi internet friends, I’ve missed you.

Instead of trying to cram a week’s worth of food, beer and running into a single post, just rest assured that even though I haven’t been on the blog scene so much this week, I have still been trying to maintain the CTT lifestyle, even amid the insanity that is my job.

Take today for example: I had a pretty decent run followed by a more-than-decent beer, and an even more that decenter slice of pie. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start with breakfast.

  • Coffee – we’re out of filters so I’ve been using paper towels. I imagine I’ve ingested a good amount of towel bits as well as coffee this week.
  • Smoothie. Kate, in her infinite wisdom, alerted me to Trader Joe’s berry medley. Dap!

  • Handful of almonds. Yeah, I just find it’s good to consume something binding, if you get me.

Next, attire…

  • New fun compression socks. I can’t say they whether or not they improved my performance, but I sure felt rad wearing them. And we all know that’s what counts.
  • New handheld water bottle. I like it a lot. Like, infinitely more than than the waist pack. Still mildly annoying, but tolerable.
  • My old friends: sunglasses, visor and Lulu.

I really wanted to run 20 miles today but I slept in and didn’t hit the road until after 10:00. It was hotter than I would have liked, but really I just wasn’t feeling it. Dig?


I didn’t feel anything like guilt or regret when I turned back early. All I felt was…relief. Body says 14; okay body, you win. We’ll do 14.

I’m sort of thinking maybe I should have gone out on a high note and just called it quitsies after that blissful 18 miler. As it is, I’m not feeling as confident now as I was a few weeks ago.

But, everyone’s been telling me that if I can do 18 I can do 26.2. So, everybody? Let the taperin’ begin.

Now…back to that post-race snack…

Gumball Head and Pumpkin Pie.

THE HUSBAND made this yesterday while I was out with the FIDO crew. We got a little pie pumpkin from our co-op this week and he made the filling from scratch. Isn’t that cute? I told him now that we’ve discovered his hidden talent, he should start baking for me more often. I think his response was something to the effect of “you wish.”

Exactly three weeks until M-Day. Any words of wisdom?


14 thoughts on “SSDD

  1. I had planned on doing 10 today but it was hot and I smelled like booze in a bad way. I stopped at 7.5 and it was enough to know I could do 13.1 if I needed.

    With the marathon be sure to hydrate the week of, try not to go out too fast and respect the distance. Also if it’s in the 80s drop down and do the half with me and we can get tipsy and heckle the marathoners. 😉

  2. Well, the beer looks awesome. I’ve never had a beer from that brewery. The pie, yeah, I love pumpkin pie and probably moreso if not from a can. Though Co-ops are a little crunchy for me. And finally, the best part of your whole story, is the shorts. You talked about “attire” without mentioning plaid shorts? No wonder 18-wheelers are honking at you!

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