Two-a-days, aka guilt workouts

Wow, I guess you people really like the idea of Unhealthy Living Summit, eh? We might actually have to do this thing. I blame Angry Runner for coming up with the idea in the first place. I just took her stupid joke and made it for serious. YAY.

In more recent developments, here’s another instance of karma biting, kicking and/or scratching me in the ass: the other day I told Amy that splitting a run in two doesn’t count as the full run.

What I should have said was, “except when you skip a run and you’re forced to double up the next day.” It may not satisfy the mileage requirement, but it sure as hell satisfies the guilty conscience.

I was feeling wrecked after work yesterday– I was on three hours of sleep and somehow forgot to eat food all day, so my intentions of running went right out the window.

Making fajitas and drinking a bottle of wine seemed like a much better idea.

So this morning I was forced to wake up at the crack of 6 a.m. and do a makeup workout. Okay, I didn’t actually run –I stayed in my nice warm living room and did a Jillian. But you get my point.

But this afternoon I’ll take a run (O HAI KATE!) and life will return to normal. Everybody wins. (Except you. You lose because you read this blog. Ha ha ha, joke’s on you.)

Now, back to those fajitas.

This meal represents the last of our vegetable garden (and also the last of the petty cash), at least for this season.

Bye-bye, summer.

Although I will not miss the 90°F/90% weather we had for what seemed like 1100 consecutive days, I will miss the yard food.

Don’t worry, we savored it.

Have a nice day.


6 thoughts on “Two-a-days, aka guilt workouts

  1. he he he…

    Stupid training… it’s official that I am seriously rebelling against my training plan. That and I’m terrified of wrecking my leg again a couple weeks before my race because of a ridiculously small ache in my leg. When did I become such a wus?

    And how do you forget to eat? That’s like an amazing magic trick to me. I just don’t get it…

  2. I hope you’ll promote your sleep habits at ULS, perhaps with an informative breakout session along the lines of, “Why three sleep-hours is the new nine.”

    And the “Doubling up due to feeling guilty about missing workouts” theme is another idea with great unhealthy potential…

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