How’s My Driving?

Well, it’s bad. Consistently. I have been known to plow into the occasional mailbox, lake and sport utility vehicle. But that’s a story for another day.

I also run badly. Meaning, I am not good at running. (Don’t you hate it when people say “badly” when they should be saying “bad?” Me too.)

I do run better than I drive (although the mailbox thing is still a risk).

In 16 days, we will find out just how badly.

I’ve pretty much ignored all the guidelines…

  • You should be running at least 20 miles a week going into marathon training.
  • Don’t set lofty mileage goals you can’t fulfill.
  • Start gradually and work your way up.
  • Cross-train to stay in shape and aid recovery

Here’s what I’ve been up to during the last month (click to enlarge):

The “Feeling” section went from “Blah” to “Alright” just yesterday. I think that’s a noteworthy achievement.

Looking back, I wish I could have gotten in a few more higher-mileage runs in September. Germany threw me off a little. (Not complaining!)

I wish I just had one more week so I could run 20 miles. C’est la vie, eh?

I ran five miles last night and felt pretty durn good, except it was freaking windy and I hate hate hate the wind. Between a 70°F/sunny day and a cool but windy day, I might just choose sunny. I know, I know. I saw all you people all over the road in Chicago. But still. My running ability is precarious at best. I’m susceptible to even the slightest obstacle.

So I’m running and I’m thinking, how the hell can the wind be blowing at me from EVERY direction? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? It matters.

But I am seeing progress. I may not be all that much faster, but the same pace feels less difficult than it did a few months ago. And I think that’s a really important improvement.

In other news? I need a beer.


16 thoughts on “How’s My Driving?

  1. You’re faster than my slow ass so congrats – you’re at taper time! Time to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water.

    I felt the same way – I wished I could have done two 20 milers before the marathon but I ran out of time. Oh well, now I know for next time.

  2. You’ll be alright! Yes, the mileage is a little light for marathon training but life happens sometimes.

    And I hate wind when I’m running. I get irrationally enraged at it for blowing on me.

  3. You’ll be fine! I always think when I’m running into the wind well hey at least it will be at my back when I turn around, but nope somehow it always blows in my face. Damn wind.

  4. You crack me up!!

    Wind SUCKS when running. Or biking. In Portland we have the wind come from The Gorge and it’s brutal. Especially in the winter. Running in that is near impossible.

  5. This has me wracking my brain trying to come up with a sport where wind is actually fun. Windsurfing? Sailing? Hm. Okay.

    Running. Rowing. Cycling. Any outdoor team sport that involves a ball….? Not so much.

    And the training? 18 miles… 20 miles… no need to get bogged down in details. Even if you didn’t get in as many miles as you wanted, you’ve already proven that you can spend a long time on your feet running. On marathon day, you will be able to eke out the last 8. No doubt in my mind.

    • Heh. I figure even if I have to crawl the last 8 miles, I’ll at least FINISH. Which is all I’m going for at this point. Of course, whooping it’s ass would be fun too.

  6. Wind just aggravates. If I lived somewhere with constant wind, I’d be a pissy person. And perhaps a serial killer.

    What marathon are you running?

    You’ll do great. I don’t run nearly as much as my wife, but I think “feeling” has a lot to do with how one runs.

    Cool training software. Where did you find that?

    I need a beer, too. It’s 9 a.m. somewhere.

    • HA! I like your style.

      I’m running the Indy Monumental – it was featured in this month’s Runner’s World.

      The training stuff is DailyMile – free and the second one is from the Garmin site – comes with the GPS. 🙂 If there’s anything I love more than running and beer, it’s looking at data. I know – nerd.


  7. Better slightly undertrained than overtrained and injured.

    I used to chart my runs only after checking the direction of the wind. I forgot how bad it gets in the winter. Thx for the reminder.

  8. I once very nearly sideswiped a child on a bicycle while driving TO a marathon (Philadelphia, 2008). Don’t do that. Otherwise, I have no parting words, other than don’t stress about not having an 20 miler, because that 18 miler is solid. And try not to shit your pants. Have a great taper and an awesome race!

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