Culmination: I’m in!

It’s a very special day.

For me, it marks the culmination of years of hard work, trials and tribulations, injuries, blood, sweat and tears. It legitimizes all those solitary miles and miles of running, where the one thing that kept me going was a dream. A dream, of one day running with the elites.

I registered for a race that is regarded by many as one of the world’s most prestigious athletic competitions. ME!

I typed in the web address for the registration site, with trepidation in my heart.

Did I make it in time?

Would I be forced to re-load the page over and over again as the precious seconds ticked away? Would a mere matter, like bandwidth, dash my dreams of running with the big dogs?

But, no!

Somehow, as if by miracle, I was able to immediately log into the site, enter my personal data and pay with my credit card — effortlessly!

It was almost anticlimactic, the way it happened. All those nerves and months of anticipation, and it was over in a heartbeat.

I sat back and tried to savor the moment. It was done. I was in.

The words on the screen confirmed it: Registration successful.

It is a race in which most runners only dream of competing. And I will be one of them.

Indy Run Like Hell 5k. October 29, 2010.


Which race did you think I meant?


15 thoughts on “Culmination: I’m in!

    • It’s after work on a Friday, so the other plus is a nice dinner downtown afterward. (Well, dinner in a place that allows you to be sweaty and gross and in a Halloween costume.)

    • I was signed up for this one last year but it was pouring rain so I ended up drinking at the bar with my friend’s husband while she ran it. I’d say I won.

  1. We did this last year – I even got the hubs to do it with me. We endured the pouring rain and nearly wiped out running across wet grass.

    I wish we could do it this year but instead we’re doing Hell Night at Chef JJ’s Back Yard. I also looked at the Pleasant Run Run in Irvington but then Rod’s coworker is getting married in Chicago which means Kuma’s Corner on Sunday.

  2. For me it would involve lugging a 5-foot sword for the whole course, and that just seems like a bad idea for at least a half-dozen reasons…and that’s just counting the felonies.

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