stupid indiana

So you know how we skipped spring here in the Midwest, went right into those scorching doldrums of summer? Well, now spring is here, in all it’s tornado glory. On a running day. Naturally.

Garr. Is that every possible hazardous weather condition that exists? No tsunami? Well then.

I got up this morning – tentatively – to determine whether or not I was going to nut up and put on the headlamp for an early morning run.

I took one look outside at the silhouettes of leafless trees thrashing back and forth in the dark and, yeah, no. I may have once taken shelter from a torrential downpour in a portable toilet during an 18-mile run, but damaging winds and thunderstorms are where I draw the line, folks. For serious.

So I made coffee and did a nice episode of Jillian on the carpet.

I’ve sorta been slacking in the whole Jillian department since, oh I don’t know, sometime around mid-September?

I do this a lot. As evidenced here and here, I have a habit of hurting myself due to inadequate strength work and then complaining about it later on. (But really? Who doesn’t love to hear me complain?)

Luckily, this time I came to my senses and started my regular strength workouts again last week.

Nothing makes me sweat and curse as much as Jillian, the tramp.


I’m still scrambling around to finish up some work stuff this week so bear with me. I promise I’ll be back soon with fresh*, exciting** and hilarious*** content.

Meantime, listen to some happy weather-inspired music (thanks @hoosierbeergeek!)

*stale **slightly confusing ***awkwardly unfunny


8 thoughts on “stupid indiana

  1. That. Is. So. Coincidental. Your title was exactly the title for my next blog post.

    Seriously, I didn’t see hurricane on there. We are one month til the end of that dreadful half-year season. Actually, that is the only other season we have here in S. FL besides “Hell”.

      • Crap, I wanted to make that joke. That’s a VERY popular one around here when it gets windy and rainy. Alaskans seem to get way too much pleasure out of saying, “It blows out there! Har dee har har!”

        Their other favorite term for this kind of rainy/windy weather: Snotty. As in, “It’s really snotty out there.”

        Although a lot of people around here seem to be midwestern transplants, so maybe you guys made those lines famous first?

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