Yeah so you may have noticed on der bitchin’ blog I’ve got this whole little running/beer thing going on.

I would like to engage in both of these activities in immoderation, but job, life and human decency force me to maintain something resembling balance and composure. So I run sometimes, and other times I drink. And when I suspect I might be indulging in one more than the other, all I have to do is check the blog. (Seeing as how my little accountability gnome has proven to be somewhat unreliable…I don’t know what that means. Just move on.)

So with all the running and Jillian-ness in these weeks past I thought it was high time for a beer review.

Thus, Halcyon. A 7.7% ABV green-hopped IPA by our friends across the pond at Thornbridge Brewery. (IBUs: I don’t know, a lot. I can’t find a count on the webz and I threw the bottle away. Sue me.)

You can see Wrigley is just as enamored by it as I am.

My timing – as usual – is just shy of impeccable, as the UK’s hop season is just coming to a close…

From the Guardian:

…September is when the hop harvest takes place, and from about now until November fresh or “green” hop beers made with the undried, just-picked crop are available. “Using the hop fresh means we get the maximum amount of oils,” says Kelly Ryan, Brewery Manager at Thornbridge. The chemical composition of hop resins (which add bitterness in the form of alpha acids) and oils (which add flavour and aroma) change during the drying process, so using them fresh makes for different qualities and character in the finished beer.


This Halcyon (the 2009, it turns out) was noticeably missing from Beer Advocate. The only occurrence I could find was the 2008.

And, I wish I’d kept the bottle because I found discrepancies about what kind of hops were used. Liberty maybe; maybe Target; the brewery’s site didn’t say.

From this guy:

This is an innovative beer, the brewing process, the flavors and aroma… everything is well done and unique.

Thornbridge is a rather new brewery in England. They’ve won competitions with their first released batch and continue to produce award winning beers. Located near a hop field, Thornbridge is able to utilize a fresh hopping process that allows them to bring out the best traits of their hop of choice. Liberty.

This was my first brew from Thornbridge and really, one of only a handful of fresh hop beers I’ve ever had. (Most notably, 3 Floyds’ Broo Doo Harvest Ale, and Great Divide’s Fresh Hop Pale; both a swingin’ good time.)

Being unfiltered, it had some gunk and haze, that in my opinion only added to the deliciousness. It was sweet and citrusy, and Britishy. Little bit of mediciney spice. Boozy enough to taking your time sipping on, but smooth enough to want another when you’re done.



7 thoughts on “NO KITTEH THAT’S MAH IPA

  1. Sounds great. You should probably check out that new geek beer store for Sierra Nevada’s Estate Homegrown Ale. Was spectacular and so fresh and I think they use the fresh hops like you mentioned.

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