Broo Doo Beergasm

I have a new favorite beer. I know that’s a lofty statement but oh.mah.gah.

3 Floyds’ Broo Doo Harvest Ale, folks. 7% ABV/80 IBUs.

I mentioned on a previous post that I’ve tasted it before – last year, in the bottle – but this was the first time I’ve ever had it on draft and I definitely don’t remember it being so divine.

It was simply amazing.

Rich, dark apricot color with a nice fluffy head and strong, floral, tropical citrus aroma and flavor. Hops abound. Light carbonation made it smooth as silk. Sweet finish that reminded me of that butter-brown-sugar glaze from the other night.

My only concern is that every beer henceforth is going to taste like swill. I simply cannot over-emphasize how flavorful it is. I’m actually tempted to go back through all my beer blog posts and jack down my ratings. I gave Halcyon an A+?? For real?

This beer kills. KILLS.


14 thoughts on “Broo Doo Beergasm

  1. This year’s batch has been particularly stellar. I find myself gravitating toward it but you know in days, weeks, those wet hops will noticeably fade. I’m glad I drank a shitload while it was good, fresh, and good and fresh. Great, great fucking beer. Am I allowed to say “fucking” on your blog? Good looking abortion, yes I am.

    • I’ll let it pass this time but keep in mind my mom reads this blog!

      I definitely don’t remember being so enamored by it last year. You should get over to Patrick’s before the keg blows. He’s got some other great stuff on tap right now too – SK Notorious, Breckenridge 471, Hoptimus, Old Rasputin on the nitro!

      • Hi, Marie’s mom! I’ll use asterisks or euphemisms next time. As an adult, I don’t want to offend adults. I want to oppress the youth now instead.

        I’ve had 5 pints from various kegs – including a pint at the Heorot in M-town on 10/8 from a keg dated 10/4. That was the pinnacle of the mountain.

        Raspy on Nitro is ridiculously good.

  2. OK. You got me. We are definitely going to have to do a trade. Let me make a list and we can email each other (remember it was your idea). Besides Cigar City, what others have I mentioned that you couldn’t find? Any? Yeah, Florida!

  3. So I got a beer on recommendation from this waitress when I was out for drinks the other night. Love it. LOVED it. Forgot to get the name of the beer.

    Thought to myself, “damnit. Marie would totally kill me.”

    Good luck on the race! Like I’ve said, if I didn’t plan massive amounts of um… socializing this weekend, I’d so be doing a halloween run! Halloween should really be a whole month celebration…

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