songs you ought not run to

Yeah so everyone’s always doing running playlists, which is great, but the other day Running Shorts inadvertently inspired me to do a NON running playlist when she referenced an old Jane’s Addiction song.

So, these are a few jams that, despite how much they rock, should not listened to while running for various reasons (that may or may not involve spontaneous uncontrolled urination).

Jane’s AddictionBeen Caught Stealing. Dogs barking. Need I say more? Then She Did is still safe, thankfully. And Had a Dad has a nice upbeat jazzy feel that really gets you going.

Stupid embedding disabled: CLICKY

PrimusJerry Was a Race Car Driver. Right at about the 2:17 mark, this voice comes outta nowhere and goes, “DOG WILL HUNT!” Freaks me out every time. Also I had a friend in high school who said he damn near crashed his rollerblades while listening to this song, so I know it’s not just me. Alternative: Tommy the Cat.

Pink FloydBrain Damage. Despite this being one of my favorite Floyd songs, the creepy laughter at 1:52 is just something you don’t want to hear when you’re by yourself in the dark at 5 a.m. Alternative: Learning to Fly.

Mr. BungleMy Ass Is On Fire. No, but wait! This just sounds like it’d be the perfect running song. Just imagine how much faster you’d go if you’re ass was on fire. And let me just say I have infinite love and respect for Mike Patton. But the Bungle is a little too weird for running music. Bells, sirens, myriad unsettling noises you don’t want to here when you’re in the street. Better running option: Faith No More.

That’s all I could think of off hand, basically because they’ve all come up on my ipod during my last couple of outings.

Any others non-running songs you’ve come across?


2 thoughts on “songs you ought not run to

  1. Awesome post concept.

    I listen to a lot of movie theme soundtrack music — quality pump-up material.

    Once, however, the “Jaws” theme came on. It was unreasonably terrifying, and I had to listen to the whole thing because my iPod had gotten sweaty and decided to freeze at that particular volume; I couldn’t skip ahead.

    I broke into a cold sweat, all the hair on my neck was up, and I fully expected a gigantic animatron shark to come bursting through the pavement while I ran. Very embarrassing visceral reaction, but 100% true.

    I deleted that shit right off my itunes as soon as I got home.

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