PRs, horn tooting and arctic panzer-monium

Yep, it was a weekend of PRs and debauchery.

Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but we all know bloggers are narcissistic a-holes, right?

Friday night I PRed at the Run Like Hell 5k (or three-miler, according to el Garmin). It was a flat, fast run downtown on the canal and I totally spanked it.

I wanna say it’s also the first time I’ve run an 8:24 mile…

Usually I blow at 5ks because it takes me that long just to get warmed up, but for some reason, I felt outstanding.

Susie (left) always kicks my ass, but this year I was only about 30 seconds behind her. Major accomplishment. Someday I’ll catch up to you, Susie! Watch out.

Stacie (far right) ran her very first 5k and she spanked it too! WOO STACIE!

And then, guess what? I went out and PRed again Saturday — on nine miles. Er, 8.77. Best pace ever at that distance.

This was my last long run before the… *da da dum* marathon next Saturday. Easy three milers all week long and then I’m gold. The only kind of frustrating thing about have THE best running week ever is that I’m having some of that “too little, too late” anxiety. I feel like if I could just have another month of this, I’d really, really beat this marathon to a pulp. C’est la vie.

Miles five and six (as you’ll see below) were tough. I started feeling this awful pain on the back of my left knee. It sucked because I was feeling really good otherwise and I didn’t want to stop. I sat down and stretched a little, which didn’t really help, but after a while it went away on its own. I iced that puppy up after I got back and today it feels fine. Freak occurrence I guess. I’m not going to dwell on it.

Then last night I went to a couple of Halloween parties and PRed at beer. Uh huh.

I found a brew from Three Floyds that I’ve never had before — Arctic Panzer Wolf. (Great name, huh?!) Everyone keeps calling it a DIPA, but the bottle says Imperial IPA. (Apologies, it was so good I forgot to take a picture.)

There was some discussion on the Twitters about just how new/old the bottle may have been (3Fs doesn’t print dates– lame!) I’m going to go ahead and assume it was just released because I visit that beer store at least twice a month and I’ve never seen it there before. I’m told if it was an older batch, it was from April/May. If it’s new, it came from right now.

Either way.

YUM. 9% ABV/100 IBU. Cascade hops. Bright orange color and rich, piney/citrus aroma. Juicy. A dude on Beer Advocate nailed it when he said, “Very pleasant mouthfeel that keeps you wanting to drink faster than you should.” Um, yeah. So that’s what happened last night. A well-deserved A+.

The hubs and I are planning a trip up to the ‘rents house in Chicago for Thanksgiving, and we’re FINALLY FINALLY going to 3 Floyds. I’m not going to lie to you– I’m sort of looking forward to that more than turkey dinner. Is that wrong?

Kay, I’m going to go savor the last day of scary movies and nurse these aching bones. (Not sure if I’m sore from the running or the drinking; probably a little bit of both.)

Have a great Sunday, folks. Peace.

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