I’m not dead

Just not enjoying life very much. But I think I dodged a bullet with this one. It could be much, much worse. Or maybe – gasp – the herbal remedies actually work?? (Nah.)

Yeah so, no beer this week. But I have been consuming a number of other tasty beverages…

And a little dark cacao chocolate never hurt anyone.

We just happened to make some homemade chicken noodle soup Sunday — and not in the CROCKPOT this time.

Our buddy Pete who is a nice dude and a great cook showed us how to make forserious chicken soup using a whole roasted chicken and that bouillon paste instead of broth in a box. We don’t do it this way all the time, because it’s kind of pain. But damn, it’s good.

You just roast the chicken in the oven and then tear that sucker up and let it simmer with rosemary, celery, carrots, onions; then throw some fresh jalapenos on top and blam: soup.

Anyway, I wanted to run tonight (I am actually dying to run tonight), but I am fairly certain that’s not going to happen. A) I’m not gonna risk getting sicker, and B) I highly doubt a piddly little three-miler is going to make a bit of difference in my performance on Saturday.

And I am not dropping out of this race. So help me.


4 thoughts on “I’m not dead

  1. Those jalapenos surely cleared the sinuses a little… yes?

    And THANK YOU for the Monty Python clip. It’s been too long since I’ve thought about that movie.

    “Tis but a scratch!”
    “A scratch? I cut your arm off!”
    “Come on, you pansy!”

  2. That chicken soup looks like the TICKET. I’d forgotten that soup could be made in a way that doesn’t involve a can opener and microwave…

    You’ve still got a few solid days to rest and recover. I know it’s mentally shitty, but this might actually end up being not such a bad thing… because it’s forcing you to pay attention to resting a lot and taking in a lot of fluids. In any case, I’m sending healthtastic thoughts your way. Yes, healthtastic. For this week only.

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