beers I’ve loved

Since I’m not drinking any beer this week (and since you last four readers are probably sick of hearing me whine and cry), I thought it’d be fun to reminisce about some of the beers I’ve loved. In no particular order. Except the first one.

1. 3 Floyds’ Broo Doo Harvest Ale. 7% ABV/80 IBU.
I would actually make love to this beer if that wasn’t frowned upon/weird/wouldn’t cause injury/infection. I tried if the first time last year at a beer tasting, and then this year’s harvest on draft at Patrick’s Kitchen last week.

2. 3 Floyds’ Pride and Joy Mild Ale. 5% ABV/42 IBU.
Big flavor; a sessiony favorite.

3. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. 9% ABV/90 IBU.
This is the one that triggered my obsession; broke my craft beer cherry, if you will. It was back in 2007 after the annual company golf outing. Never looked back.

4. 3 Floyds’ Dreadnaught. 9.5%ABV/100 IBU
Will she shut up about the Dreadnaught already??

5. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. ABV: 7%/56 IBU.
I tried this for the first time at the Indy Microbrew Fest a couple years ago. It’s my go-to session beer, light on the IBUs but plenty of flavor.

6. 3 Floyds’ Apocalypse Cow. 11% ABV/100 IBUs.
More like Apocalypse Wow! (Sorry.) Spiked with lactose milk sugar, packed with flavor yet velvety smooth.

7. North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. 9%ABV/75 IBU.
Daddi dai dai.


8. Hercules DIPA. 10% ABV/85 IBU.
Hoppity, crisp, smooth, delightful.

9. Oaken Barrel Alabaster Belgian White (right). 5% ABV/10 IBU.
The only white I’ve ever liked.

10. Southern Tier Heavy-weizen. 7.5% ABV/40 IBU.
Except this one. A double white, if you will. Lemons, bananas and cloves –oh my!

11. Boulder Mojo Risin’ (left). 10.5% ABV/95 IBU.
A souped-up version of the Mojo IPA, this has everything I like in a beer – citrusy, floral hops and plenty of booze.

12. Stone Old Guardian (2nd from left). 11.3% ABV/95 IBU
THE quintessential barley wine.

13. Stone Double Bastard (far right). 10.5% ABV/ 95 IBU.
Because, why have one bastard when you can have two?

14. Brew Dog Punk IPA. 6% ABV/60 IBU
Kicks you in the mouth and then insults your mother.

15. New Albanian Hoptimus. 10.7% ABV/100 IBU.
Had this on draft at Gravity Head Fest in New Albany. Word.

19 thoughts on “beers I’ve loved

  1. I’m going to print this list out and take it with me next time.

    I already know I won’t be able to find any 3 Floyds up here (wahh), but maybe I’ll get lucky with some of the others.

  2. Some really good stuff there. 90 Minute and Hercules are some of my top favorites DIPAs. They are big on the malts as well as the hops.

    Oh and just as a note the Double Bastard is the far right one in the picture, not far left.

  3. With the exception of 2 or 3, these are all so strong-I love it! Been meaning to try the Dogfish Head 90 min IPA for years, I will have to make a greater effort to do so!

  4. Oh, hooray! I’m honestly jotting these down now, and will see if Gary’s Wine Emporium carries them (I’ve seen Dogfish 90-minute, not sure about the others). If I hate them, I will come back and drunk-comment.

  5. Thank you!! You are providing a great service for novice beer drinkers.
    So I’m printing this list out. I am a new beer lover, my cherry was popped last summer with New Belgian Fat Tire (training wheels for beer?). I have my tried and true favs at our local brewpubs – but it’s time to branch out.

    I am for sure buying my sis your #14 Brew Dog Punk IPA – my sister prefers to be assaulted when she drinks. 😀

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