it’s go time

Did you know there’s actually some other poopy little marathon going on in New York this weekend? I KNOW. Stop stealing my thunder NYC! You think you’re better than me?


I jaunted downtown at lunch to pick up ye olde race packet; also picked up some fancy shmancy compression sleeves on sale at the expo. Woot! (No, I did not actually just say woot. Read on.)

Yeah so, this may just be the caffeine talking but I’m actually starting to feel just a teency weency bit excited about this thing instead of terrified.

I’m also happy to report I’m feeling exponentially better. I slept great last night and I’m hardly even congested today. The bad news is that I haven’t done jack squat all week. Not a pushup, not a run, not so much as a stroll out to the mailbox.

This could either mean that I’ll be super well-rested, or super stiff and off my game. Think I’ll be optimistic for once and go with the former.

As for tomorrow, the forecast looks about as good as I could hope for:

Which means it will be just about freezing when I take my mark at 8 a.m. BUT the forecast predicts winds of only about 6-9 mph, which I can totally tolerate. Cold? Not a problem — spent a lot of 7°F afternoons last winter in Eagle Creek with Kate, so I’m well prepared for that.

Pre-race dinner: Inspired by Miss Amypants, it’s gonna be pizza and vino. Having not consumed a single alcholic beverage in more than a week (that’s gotta be some kind of record for me), I am drooling at the thought of a glass of wine tonight.

Gear: Pearl Izumi tights, long sleeve shirt, and a light jacket. Throw-away gloves. Headband/ear warmer. Can’t decide on the neck warmer but I’m taking it with me just in case. I know I’ll feel like a gigantic pansy if I’m wearing my neck warmer and I see dudes in shorts. But oh well, they can suck it.

Bedtime: 9:30 at the latest. And you better know I’ll be popping a couple of nighttime Tylenols to avoid laying awake all night worrying about whether or not my favorite sports bra is clean or if I accidentally set my alarm for 6 p.m.

Goals: Goal A is 5 hours, or sub-five to be precise; goal B is 5:45; goal C is just to finish before the sweepers come out. On a good day, I can run 10:00 – 10:30 miles for ever and ever, so that’s what I’m hoping will happen tomorrow. but I just really don’t know what to expect. I could totally kick ass, or it could be rough. But no matter what, I PR. And if I tank, it just means it’ll be that much easier to PR again next time.

As for the course, you couldn’t ask for flatter terrain.


I think that’s one of the main reasons this race has grown so much in only it’s third year– everybody’s all about that flat.

It may not draw as many world-class professional athletes and celebrities, or offer more than $600,000 in prize money, and no I won’t have two million spectators cheering for me, but at least I don’t risk getting peed on.


13 thoughts on “it’s go time

  1. Be sure there are plenty of pictures taken. I’m sure you are going to look amazing after the race.

    It’s awesome that you do a personal best no matter what, but how about meeting goal A.

    Be sure to drink some brewskis tomorrow night in celebration. I will be making a package this weekend for Mr. UPS to pick up on Monday.

    Good luck. No puking.

  2. Good luck! You’ll do great!!
    Have you taken the tylenol before a big thing before? I usually feel like crap the next day if I do that to sleep- totally backfires. Be careful.
    Eagerly awaiting the race report and photos!

  3. Hilarious about NYC/the bridges/getting peed on. I was unaware of that particular risk!

    GOOD LUCK! Above all, enjoy. When it gets boring just high-five the policemen/course marshals and make witty or incoherent comments to the volunteers. They love that. That’s all I got. You rock.

  4. Good luck and have fun! And I second sweatykid’s suggestions about high-fives and incoherent comments. Its fun to remember back to what you did during the marathon…much like piecing together a black-out drunk night. Hilarity always ensues.


    It means more if it’s in all caps. I bet you could get peed on if you really tried hard. But for serious – have a great time, run your face off, but keep your fingers so we can get a race report. Capisce?

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