PMD: post-marathon depression

Feels like I had a baby on Saturday. A marathon baby.

For the last few months, thoughts of my marathon baby have consumed me. I’ve focused all my attention on eating right (not really), hydrating (kind of) and nurturing (ish) my little running fetus.

I waited anxiously for my race day water to break, and carefully packed my bags for that fateful trip to the starting line hospital where I’d squeeze out my little 26.2 pound bundle of torment.

And now that it’s out, I just feel…empty. And sore.

Really sore.

Is this what it’s like for new mothers?



12 thoughts on “PMD: post-marathon depression

  1. I always have some sort of post-race blues. When I finished Hood to Coast and then injured myself afterward I had to stop running for 6 weeks. I was afraid the blues would get me but I survived.

    • I hear ya – it’s weird to work so hard and then all of a sudden it’s over. Glad you’re staying on top of that injury. I’ve got an appointment with a sports med doc thursday b/c my right shin is still aching and swollen. GRR.

  2. In the marathon it is the men who suffer nipple abrasions, not unlike those new moms with their udder cream.

    I’ve heard that after a while new moms forget about the pain of childbirth and only remember the good stuff. In my experience it’s the same for the marathon.

  3. yes, i am sure its exactly like that, except that you get very little sleep thanks to that bundle of boy and cannot really hit the bottle without guilt…
    congratulations on your successful finish! you should be very proud (which is a tough emotion to feel when your 26.2 is a screaming red monkey!)

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