commence training for ULS11

Yeah so, I don’t feel empty anymore. I found a way to fill the void…

People, I’ve taken sloth and gluttony to a whole new level.

No, I wasn’t delusional enough to think I’d be heading out for a 10 mile run immediately after completing a marathon, but I thought I’d engage in at least a few activities other than drinking beer, laying on the couch and shoving sea salt brownies into the bottomless pit that has become my face hole.

Did I set my goals too high once again?


15 thoughts on “commence training for ULS11

  1. Ha, I see a week like this in my future. Running my half, and then having the whole week off from working, throw Thanksgiving in there and I’ll probably gain 20 lbs that week.

      • I guess the plastic container with the SELL BY sticker should have given that away, huh? ME = DENSE. Or else I just subconsciously assumed you had really bad taste in kitchenware.

        TJ’s huh? I’ll be on the prowl for them!

      • Heh, I wasn’t going to say anything but yes, you must pick ya up some asap. Hopefully you have more self control than I do and won’t eat the whole thing in one day…

  2. The famous brownies!. Perhaps they do rival my sea salt chocolate bar. I’ll check them for my own post-marathon refueling if I can lose enough sea salt chocolate bar training weight to actually run another one ;).

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