black Christmas


This, my friends, is my favorite beer time of the year. The harvest ales are starting to rot and you’re all Oktoberfested out, but you still need something to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

Enter: black IPAs.

I know I mentioned something about a nice post on black IPAs today, but I really don’t have time so I thought I’d let Wikipedia and Upland do the ‘splaining for me.


The Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) (or “Black IPA”) is a relatively new variant of IPA, with a characteristically dark or black appearance, due to roasted malts, while retaining the hop aroma typical of the IPA style…The name refers to the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States (“Cascadia”, related to the Cascade Mountain Range, near where Cascade Hops are grown), where many current commercial versions are made. The style was invented by Greg Noonan in Vermont in the early 1990s, and by the mid-2000s there were several commercial versions made in that state.


Upland Beer:

Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA is a well-balanced, dark, bitter, and totally unique beer experience. We brewed this IPA with a base of fresh Pilsner Malts and darkened the color with pure Black Malts, creating a clean malt character that allows the liberal hop additions to shine through. Komodo is dry hopped and aged with a pinch of lavender to add to the overall aromatic experience.

6.5% ABV/65 IBUs.

I enjoyed it immensely. I’ve been waiting all year for this stuff, ever since I saw listed under the seasonals at Indy’s Upland tasting room. I’m definitely going to have to stop in for a growler fill. It’s dark and hoppy, but also smooth and “light” enough that you don’t feel like you’re drinking coffee or sludge.

And last, in a Jerry-Springer-final-thoughts kind of way, here’s some beer porn for you:

My nice friend over at Daily Beer Review, waaaay down in the anus of Florida, did a beer trade with me, and I got this box from him yesterday! WOO. We picked out beers that aren’t available to each other — so I’ve never tried any of these and I’m dying to crack one open (stupid work).

I have his beers all picked out but I have yet to ship them because I’m cheap and lazy and I wanted to try to reuse his packing material. (Trusting, he is!) But don’t worry dude, I’m getting that out to you posthaste!

Have a great weekend everyone — we’re off to South Bend today to visit the fams. I may do a 5k tomorrow morning with my aunt and cousin. I think I’m ready to get back on the horse.

Peace on Earth –

UPDATE TO INDY FOLKS: I wanted to mention – and forgot – that Rock Bottom (College Park) is tapping their Blizten Black IPA this Wednesday, Nov 17.


15 thoughts on “black Christmas

  1. So, out of curiosity, what will you be sending him in return? Beer trading gets addicting, I’ve been doing a little here and there the last few months and damn, it gets expensive. But like I said, addicting and fun. Next trade, have him send you some fresh Double Simcoe IPA from Weyerbacher and Sweetwater IPA if he has it available around him. One of my friends is visiting Florida right now and I’m so hoping she brings me back a couple Cigar City brews.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard only good things about Cigar City…

      I’m sending him a Broo Doo, Pride & Joy, Osiris can, a GI Nightstalker, Upland Wheat, Komodo Dragonfly and a Schlafly #15…first beer trade I’ve done. I may never do it again, heh!

      • You’re probably sending him a little extra on the $4$ end, but that’s a box I’d be excited to receive and one I’d say reps Indiana pretty well. The bonus Nightstalker and Schlafly is a nice touch. The only Cigar City I’ve got is a bottle of Hunahpu’s and I haven’t found occasion to crack it yet…given the rarity, it’ll have to be at a tasting or something.

      • Yeah a little but I really wanted him to have the Broo Doo and the Night Stalker – it was actually on sale for $6.49 at Kahns.

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  3. Glad they made it safe. Can’t wait for the return. And we can do this again at some point for sure. Next time I’ll be on the heavy end. :)) Cigar City should send a few new ones and St. Somewhere just restocked us. And more Terrapin and Weyerbacher as was suggested. Oh, man this is addicting.

    You rock!

    As for the beers this time of year… they are my favorite too. I am tired of pumpkin and harvest and worst of all oktoberfest.

  4. SIGH. I looked EVERYWHERE for Black IPA’s tonight and all I could find were regular IPA’s. So… I bought some Deschutes Inversion IPA. Ha. It’s not like I’m suffering or anything.

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