irish for a day

New word: blar.

It’s like blah but I think the r gives it a little something extra. I’ll be trying it out on all your blogs for the next week or so.

Yesterday, I ran for the first time since the marathon — didn’t feel half bad. My right knee started feeling a little janky toward the end, but my shin/tendon/whatever thingy didn’t bother me at all. I forgot to take my garmin to South Bend so we ran “off the grid.” It was kind of liberating, actually. I used the new little inserts I got from the doc and hardly noticed they were there, which I am pretty sure is the idea.

I did about three miles with aunt Mary on the Notre Dame campus — and got an ND history lesson while we ran. We have some ND grads/Irish nuts in the family so I am pretty much obligated to be a fan. It was my first live ND game and if you were watching football on Saturday you know they upset #14 Utah and it was freaking awwwwesome. It’s been a long time since they beat a top 20 team – like 15 years or something – so everyone went absolutely bonkers. (Of course, my alma mater would have torn down the goal post but that’s okay.) Plus, we got some dope seats at the last minute– 50 yard line. Dap.

I know, I know. Don’t look at the beer. We stopped by a neighbor’s and I took what I was offered! I’m no snob. (Yes I am.)

Walking Dead tonight!

And can we let’spleasejust pretend for now we don’t have to go to work tomorrow? Kay.


12 thoughts on “irish for a day

  1. “BLAR.” I’m pretending tomorrow is a holiday instead of a work day. I will pretend until about 6am. Ugh.

    I like your use of the word “janky.”

    What is “dap?”

    You have fun words.

    • HEE.

      Usually I use it to mean like, yay/fistbump, but I found a second definition on urban dictionary that I didn’t know about. It’s helpful too sometimes.

  2. I found your blog a while ago, and now I am commenting!
    I like blar, I will incorporate it into my mutterings at work tomorrow. I have also used the word blargh a lot.
    I enjoy your beer snobbery and I totally support it. If there were more people like you in the world there woud be no miller light but whattayagonnado.
    I am also very jealous you’re watching walking dead. I’ve read the comic based on the show (yes I am that nerdy) and its amazing. I would reccomend reading it if you enjoy the show.
    Tomorrows Friday, right? Blar.

      • Zombie dreams? Nice!
        Hey no sweat your blog is awesome to read! I’m going to try a black IPA because of your suggestion.

  3. Blar: when you go out to the bar, but they only have Michelob Ultra on tap.
    Blar: when you want to say “blah” but get something stuck in your teeth halfway through.
    Blar: the quality of my college football games. DIII baby!

  4. Just found you and glad I did–HUGE Irish fan! I’m insanely jealous you were at that game–last time they beat a ranked team was 2004! Watching it on TV I didn’t allow myself to get excited until there was less than a minute on the clock ha. Got to my first game two years ago–they beat Michigan and we got to hear Lou Holtz speak at his statue unveiling, so it was a great weekend!

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