wah wah blah blah whiny cry cry

<fake enthusiasm>HI, HOW ARE YOU? I AM GREAT!</fake enthusiasm>

So yeah. I did NOT go running yesterday and I can’t say I really feel that bad about it either. I have decided to remain in my post-marathon slump recovery phase one more day.


I thought so.

Here’s me…

…having a cuppy of water;

walking, in agony;

seconds away from bawling as I cross the finish line.

Actually, that last one’s not too bad. But that is seriously it. There were three other photos, basically the same shot from a slightly different angle (that made me look slightly less notfat.)

I was talking about this with Jess, and we think we got stiffed.

You see, the Indy Monumental was the day before the NYC Marathon, and we think they sent their A Team to NYC and we got the leftovers.

Plus, I’ve never run at such a slow pace, so I think a lot of the photographers actually left before I reached them. All of my photos were from only three points on the course. And, browsing photos of people who finished a hell of a lot faster than me, I saw they had photos at like, half a dozen additional locations.

I know, I know. First world problems. Complaining about the injustice of not getting any decent race photos after completing your first marathon – and living to tell the tale – is kiiiind of a stretch. Even for me. Hell, even for privilege denying dude.

But this blog would be a lot less funny if I didn’t find something to complain about here and there.

Remember, it’s all for you.


17 thoughts on “wah wah blah blah whiny cry cry

  1. Well, congratulations on your first marathon at any rate. Photos aside. I get tired after driving 26 miles so I can’t imagine running it.

  2. See, but the downside of the “A-list” huge race is that you never have pictures of just YOU. There’s always ten other people crowded into the frame and most of them look like they’re in a lot less pain than you. Which sucks.

    I think the pics are great – by race-pic standards, anyway!

    • There was a whole lot of second-person pronoun in that post. Confusing, sorry. I meant they look like they’re in less pain than the hypothetical YOU, not YOU-you.


      I suck at communicating today.

      • hahaha, no I got it. You communimacate real good.

        And that’s a super argument just for running smaller races in general– less people in my way. I do the Indy 500 mini marathon every year, just because when you live in Indy and you run, that’s what you do, but there’s 35,000 runners and half of them don’t pay attention to pace or corrals so you spend the first 6 miles dodging walkers. I actually saw a woman in a corral ahead of me who was wearing jeans and carrying her PURSE.

    • Dude, it’s not weird at all. I was in so much agony the last 6 miles of that race, the last thing I wanted was someone photographing me. I was overly aware of their presence and trying not to cry, and the guy even joked and told me to look good for the camera.

      I’m just sayin, you know, as long as they’re there…they better do a good job. =P

  3. Wah, I’ve been feeling whiney and post-marathon slumpy too.

    And +1 to Shelby’s comment about getting solo brightroom shots. The attractive dude running one step behind me totally stole the thunder in all my race photos. And made me look way busted.

    • Ha!! I tend to give people side eyes and leer at them when they pass me, so it’s a wonder I’ve never been busted doing that. But it would make for a good blog post, and that’s what we are REALLY looking for, amirite???

  4. So I’ve had Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” stuck in my head all day (i know… i know…), and I read this post title to the tune of, “Wah wah, blah blah blah, want your bad romance.” Doofus.

    I was kind of po’d after my marathon too — only five photos of me. Granted, I’m not the most photogenic athlete so maybe they were doing me a favor. But really? FIVE? Meanwhile, all of the half-marathoners at the event had about 10 photos each. C’mon. They ran half as long and got twice as many photos taken?

    Also, you look good, and I see you employed my favorite strategy of putting on sunglassses, which has the double use of hiding some of your internal suffering from the cameras…

    • AAAAAAHAHAHA. wah wah blah blah blah. I love it!

      I put the shades back on toward the end for exactly that reason – I was seriously near tears. Sweaty pictures of me on the internet are one thing, but sweaty CRYBABY pictures? Would tarnish my reputation as a badass FOREVER.

      Oh and you need to watch this, it’s much better than the original. Shouldn’t surprise you that I got it from the Angry Runner…

  5. You made me feel better… my brightroom pics are not so great, and everyone else seems to be brillliant!! Congrats on your race- i’m catching up on your bloggy now. Are you going to purchase one of the ridiculously priced photos?

  6. and i didn’t mean you look like shit by my statement- geeee! i saw that and tried to stop it! i just meant that they could at least give a holla and give us a chance to smile and pick up the pace for a sec!! i look like i was walking in all my shots!!

    • aaaaahahaha! I didn’t take it that way, but I probably had it coming anyway…

      I was totally trying to look cool and aloof every time I saw one of them (or those three times, as it turns out). Maybe I’ll buy one and have one of my cool graphic design friends doctor it up and airbrush me some skinny legs and a nice rack. THAT would be something for the mantle, eh?

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