hearing voices

In my Special Ed voice: “I WENT RUNNING YAYYYYY!”

And I actually felt pretty darn amazing.

Now in my Angry Runner voice: “I? Actually stopped complaining long enough to enjoy myself.”

Not that I know exactly how AR sounds because I've never actually met her (#ULS11), but you know what I mean.

I do spend a marginal amount of time wondering how the people whose blogs I read's voices sound like (my high school English teacher's head just exploded). I read you in my voice, but I understand that somewhere in a faraway land, you do all have your own vocal cords.

I like to imagine Angry Runner sounds something like Sarah Silverman.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, yeah, running.

I procrastinated all day and then got stuck in traffic for an hour, so it was dark by the time I got home. And cold.

But I was feeling all stiff and gripey (plus I had Arby’s for lunch *shudder*) so I knew I really needed to get out there.

I donned compression sleeves, compression socks, plaid shorts, topped it off with a headlamp (I know, I know – WWP) and hit the pavement. I’m thinking I’ll do threeish and see what’s what.

Right off the bat I’m feeling incredible. I start out at like a 9:15 pace and tell myself to slow the deuce down. I realize I forgot to put gloves on and my hands are freezing.


I fall into like a 9:45 and start to relax. Does this…really…feel this good? Wow. Like I said, it’s cold, which helps. I think I’m just a better cold-weather runner. If anything is hurting, you can’t really tell.

I hit 1.5 where I was planning on turning around and decide to keep going. A car passes me with some teenagers in it and I am fairly sure they yell something out the window at me but I can’t make out the words. Probably about how I look incredible in my plaid shorts. That happens a lot.

I turn around at two miles even though I am floating on air, because I know the Bears play at 8:00 and I need to shower up before it starts.

Heading down the home stretch at a 9:00 I see that a PR is happening and I just let loose. I saw sevens on the Garmin, people. Not since I did .25 sprints have I seen those numbers. And I’m not even really tired. I was aiming for sub 37: and it didn’t happen, but 37:29 is still a 4-mile PR for me, by a whopping minute and a half.

It’s a little frustrating running has only in the last few weeks started feeling this good. I seriously never thought I’d be able to run under a 10 minute pace for any kind of meaningful distance. Maybe all that hard work is starting to pay off? Plus, I got used to trying to pace myself and take it easy for all those long training runs I was doing. It’s nice to just be able to let it all out and haul ass for once without the fear of blowing my load too early.

Next week I’m doing Indy’s Thanksgiving run, the Drumstick Dash. It’s a 4.5 and I’m really looking forward to killing my time from last year.

Who’s doing a Turkey Trot/Drumstick Dash/Gobbler Hobbler?

Are you a cold weather runner?

Who do I sound like when you read this?


13 thoughts on “hearing voices

  1. He he he… AR and Sarah Silverman? Hmmm…

    I do think it’s kind of funny that we seem to have certain personalities/voices/mannerisms in our head for each person who blogs.

    I just got really self conscious for a minute.

    For some reason, you remind me of a girl I knew in college, so I imagine you sound like her, too. I’ll have to figure out what celebrity you two could be compared to so that you can actually relate…

  2. That sounds like an owwwsome run. You are definitely getting faster.

    I don’t really imagine voices when I read blogs, instead I just get super surprised and weirded out when somebody posts a video and then I hear the actual voice and it’s never anything I expected.

    Actually, I feel like you did post a video once that I remember, and I watched it, and your real-life voice sounded consistent with your imaginary blog voice. So my head didn’t explode, and that was good.

  3. Do you get to run with a drumstick in hand? That would be awesome. Coming across the line, cheeks all greased up, belching. That’s running, baby.

    The blog voice thing is funny. If people think that I probably sound like a dumbass, they’re right. Video would confirm it.

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