shit my husband says

My husband is really thoughtful. Take today for example…

Me: “I hear ice baths are really helpful but they’re so excruciating, I can’t make myself wait for the payoff.”

Husband: “So what should we do? You want me to just put you in there and hold you down?”


Earlier, while I’m in the tub reading a book.

Husband: “Do you want me to take a picture of you for your blog? I bet your hits would go up.”


His wisdom on legwarmers: “Why not just wear pants?”


And, more times than I can count:

“I don’t know what I’d do if you didn’t like zombies.”


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11 thoughts on “shit my husband says

  1. I think your husband and my boyfriend are long lost twin brothers. Michael has said some of the same things! Especially about the photo op from the bath tub. 😉

  2. I sometimes wear legwarmers under pants… for the actual purpose of warming my legs and not to be stylish.

    Though I guess his wisdom on that might be, “why not just wear an extra pair of long wool socks?”

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