forecast: cloudy with a chance of fat

I have set pretty low margins for productivity on all fronts this week. It’s gonna be all windy and rainy, so running will most likely be annoying.


With the exception of the Drumstick Dash on Thursday and the somewhat half-assed attempt at eliminating my “trouble zones” (I like to call them my pillowy areas) this morning, I foresee a continuation of last week’s laziness with a potential for some damaging gluttony thrown into the mix.

Silver lining: THREE FLOYDS.

Mentioned previously, harping continuously.

In all my years of living only two hours and 49 minutes from Munster, Indiana, I have NEVER been to Three Floyds’ Brewpub, and I’m just a teency weency bit excited. You’d think I was going to Disney Land.

I’m just in time for Poppa Skull, the FFF collaboration with Dogfish Head, so with any luck you’ll get a decent recap of that AND the race some time next week.

My office pitch-in is today, and this time I actually did pitch in (as opposed to last time, when I ran to the grocery store and picked up three boxes of ice cream sandwiches.)

I made banana bread. Woo?

I also need to find some time this week to meet up with friends at the new Tomlinson Tap Room at the City Market, and make a couple more loaves of bread for Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. That’s about it, folks.

I know, I know. Really, really important things.


6 thoughts on “forecast: cloudy with a chance of fat

  1. I’m usually guilty of buying something and transferring it to a plate to make it look homemade. Only people I like get homemade goods, and those people are not coworkers.

  2. I am certainly jealous of your trip to Three Floyds this weekend, but thanks for giving me a taste of the brewery these past few days. And while you might think your excitement is like going to DisneyLand… I actually AM going to Disneyland starting tomorrow through the weekend. How ironic, right?

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