somewhat topical

Yeah so my banana bread was a big hit yesterday, obviously.

But – and this is kinda hilarious – someone asked me what I sweetened it with, and I was like, “sugar?”

She says, “oh, hahaha! We thought you were healthy!”


Really? “Healthy people” (and they wouldn’t call me that if they knew how much beer I drink) can’t make banana bread? With sugar?

So I Googled “natural alternatives to sugar” and came up with:

maple sugar
barley malt
brown rice syrup
agave nectar
date sugar

Meh. I guess it could work. I’d love to experiment if I had the time. But when it comes right down to it, as long as you don’t eat the whole loaf (and you’re not a diabetic or prone to sugar migraines or whatever), I really don’t see the point.

And as for Splenda, don’t even start with me. I am pretty sure that garbage gives you cancer.

Anyhoo. I thought it would make a good discussion topic, but I pretty much know what you all are going to say: real sugar wins.


Last night, I ran three miles in the wind.

Needless to say, it was not the miraculous run I had the other day, but it’ll do.

I’d love to blame the wind, but it happened to be blowing against me on the way back, when I actually picked up the pace a little. So whatever. I’m over it.

In other news, one more day one more day one more day one more day… - Good luck masking your eating disorder this Thanksgiving.


15 thoughts on “somewhat topical

  1. I’ve never even bothered with an alternative to sugar. Same with butter. If it’s not the real thing, it just won’t taste as good and I won’t be as satisfied. End of story.

    You should have told her it all looks the same once it hits the thighs. Just don’t eat the whole damn loaf.

  2. I’m totally with you about the sugar. When I got “healthy,” i gave up all that diet crap with fake sugar shit.

    Also, there is no replacement for butter in healthy cooking.

  3. I’m sick of this “regular sugar is the devil” attitude. People need to be smacked. In the grand scheme of life, plain ol’ cane sugar has no significant difference from date sugar or any of those other fancypants substitutes. Also, stevia is gross. ULS! ULS! ULS!

  4. I’ll use sugar, because it’s cheap. But the other stuff isn’t bad either. By other stuff, I do NOT mean splenda (ew ew ew chemicals). But maple syrup and agave and brown rice syrup work well in certain baked goods when, you know, chocolate decadence isn’t your main goal. Pls don’t revoke my ULS badge.

    • hahaha. Honesty is a trait we at ULS embrace, regardless of lifestyle choice. That, and a really good bullshitter.

      I’ve never delved into the world of agave or brown rice syrup but it sounds decadent enough to suit my needs.

  5. “we thought you were healthy” LOL! That is so funny. Newsflash- you ARE healthy. Whole and real foods trump the chemicals me thinks. It’s funny how many people think Splenda or Sweet & Low are the healthier option.

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