terrapin rye pale: a rare and different tune

It’s only fitting I listen to the Grateful Dead while drinking tonight’s beer – Terrapin Rye Pale.

Inspired by their love for beer, turtles and the Dead, founders Spike and John introduced Terrapin Rye Pale in 2002 and opened the brewery in 2007 in Athens, Georgia.

Sidenote: Terrapin Station was the Dead’s 9th studio album, released in July 1977 — two years and one month before this little chickadee was even born. No matter.

This is the second beer in a trade I parlayed with Robby Rob over at Daily Beer Review. It’s only available in a few states; Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennesee, and a few other ones that don’t matter.

I chose to drink this one tonight because it was lower down on the ABV scale than anything else I’ve got– 5.5%, which is the closest you’re gonna get to “session” in this house.

It’s gold in color with a light cirtrusy nose and something not quite lemony in the taste. First sip bit me right in the middle of my tongue with a crisp Tangy flavor. As in, the juice. A nice, subtle spicy thing happening. Totally drinkable– I drained half the glass before I even realized what was going on.

Unique and tasty. Light enough for a Tuesday night but still flavorful enough so you don’t feel cheated. If you have the chance, definitely pick one up.

While the firelight’s aglow
strange shadows from the flames do grow
’til things we’ve never seen
become familiar…


5 thoughts on “terrapin rye pale: a rare and different tune

  1. This was included in a gift box assortment of beers my in-laws got me for Father’s Day or something. I was skeptical but wound up really enjoying it, moreso than any other beers in the box. Terrapin rarely impresses me but this one was quite good.

  2. Nice. Almost all of their labels have a turtle doing something on it. I had Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout from them last night, if you can believe that name.

    Glad you liked it. I am really digging rye beers these days. Totally unique spicy flavor.

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