what trail?

SNOW. Am I the only one excited about running in it?

Last winter, the lovely Kate introduced me to Eagle Creek Park and trail running in subzero temperatures through two feet of snow. What more could you want?

In my Gob voice: “COME ON!”

I am a teeny tiny bit concerned about today’s shoe choice: my adizero tempos that weigh approximately 9 ounces and have no waterproofing or insulating capabilities whatsoever.

I HAVE trail shoes, but they’re last year’s trail shoes. And at any rate, they’re at home. (Thinking ahead is so overrated.)

But who caaaaares?! Snow!

Seriously, show of hands: the messier the better? Bring it on? I can’t feel my legs? That’s what she said?

Let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “what trail?

  1. Once or twice a week it’s fun to be frolicking through a snowy winter wonderland — I feel like it gives me some kind of special resistance training to bust through it.

    …but I’ve actually been treadmilling a fair amount in order to avoid it — running on the snow/ice in the dark gets a little frustrating and scary sometimes with stupid drivers and no sidewalks. I’ve had to Indiana Jones my way out of a few hairy situations and it usually involves ending up thigh-deep in a snowbank. People always seem to overestimate their abilities to drive in these conditions. Doofuses.

    Trail runs in snow are a totally different story. Much more enjoyable!

  2. I’m not sure I’d make it too far because I’d be rolling around in it, sliding down the hills, trying to catch flakes on my tonge. But, you’ve got me thinking!

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