in the dogfish house

Burton Baton!

I’ve had this puppy in my fridge since Thanksgiving…

I tried it at a beer tasting earlier this year at Patrick’s Kitchen — you might even recall I wrote a guest post about it for Daily Beer Review; but this was the first bottle I’ve had all to myself, which is obviously preferable to sharing.

Burton Baton (10% ABV/70 IBU) is Dogfish Head’s Imperial IPA blended with an English-style old ale and aged in oak.

First off? It smells divine. Strong aroma of sweet, citrusy hops, wood and caramel/vanilla.

Pours a rich, coppery red with a modest, tan head on top.

I tend to taste sort of a sticky-sweet flavor with these higher-alcohol IPAs; DFH describes it as fruitcake and raisins. But you still have that crisp, hoppy bitteress to round it out. If you’ve ever had the 90 Minute IPA? It’s kind of like that, with wood.

And, I didn’t make the “dog” connection until just now (and UPDATE: I guess there’s also an “English” connect. Too much of a stretch?), but coincidentally we watched a very interesting zombie-esque horror movie last night called Doghouse. (Clever, eh?)

It’s about this small town in England where all the ladies have turned into flesh-eating maniacs.


Now, my husband is sort of a purist when it comes to zombie movies. He doesn’t really like them to be funny (although he does love Shaun of the Dead — everything’s cooler with a British accent, right-o?) or stray too far from the traditional notion of the undead zombie.

Me? I’ll watch any old rubbish as long as there’s killing.


Favorite bad movie?


14 thoughts on “in the dogfish house

  1. Being in the Dogfish House is way better than the Dog House! But I guess you knew that when you made the title. Never mind. Pretend I didn’t leave a comment.

  2. The Dogfish brew pub is in the town where I’m running a marathon on Saturday. Sooo excited for some prerace fuel there. I also heard a rumor that they serve beer at the finish line party but I have not been able to confirm this. I love their beers.

  3. Does Mommie Dearest count? It’s kind of too classic to be a favorite bad movie.

    I went to the Dogfish brewery in Delaware one year during a frisbee tournament weekend. Unfortunately, I was incredibly dehydrated, got instantly shitfaced, and don’t remember anything about it.

    • I love Mommie Dearest! It’s a GOOD classic! My friend calls her mom that when she pissed off at her.

      I wish my friends did cool things like travel to Delaware for frisbee tournaments.

    • True story: I went to high school with Freddie Prinze Jr. I let him copy my biology homework once. That’s one of those fantastic “there’s a killer and I know about it but no one believes me” movies where all the cops are dumb and everyone just sits there and stares at you while you’re getting killed. I have to watch it every time it comes on.

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