beer, 5ks and kittens or: the ridiculously long version of yesterday’s post

So, if you’re not a part of my day to day existence, you might not know that I’ve been whining for pretty close to three years now about getting another cat, and yesterday my husband finally gave in and surprised me with a new little kitty friend.

Morgan County Animal Control brings their orphans over to PetSmart on Saturdays, so it was the perfect cover. He said we should just to stop in for some food and litter, and I was clueless. (Okay, he does a really convincing impression of someone who’s never gonna be a two-cat dude.)

Hence, Schuylar.

Schuylar is named for one of favorite ZOMGSEZY rock stars, Schuylar Croom.


As for Wrigley, she is not quite convinced that Schuylar is the greatest thing since sliced fish heads.

Last night, she was hissing and growling and hid under the bed for five hours. Finally she came out and slept on top of the bed and today she seems almost back to normal…although she still won’t set foot near the back bedroom where we’re stashing Schuylar.

It’s kind of like when you make up after a fight– she’s saying to us, I will tolerate you, but you’re still not forgiven.

I slept with Schuylar in the guest room and spooned her all night long. Seriously, she was so close to me, I was afraid I’d roll over and smoosh her. It’s nice to have a cat that likes you but jeez.

Even though she’s had a round of shots and tested negative for feline leukemia, we’re keeping her separated from Wrigley at least until we see the vet tomorrow (or until Wrigley expresses even the slightest interest in what’s behind Door #2).


In beer news, last night I finally cracked open another one of the Schlaflys I got in St. Louis over the summer.

Reserve 2009 bourbon barrel aged imperial stout:

10.5% ABV. Sludgey (and I mean that in a good way), with rich whiskey, oak and caramel flavors. Something great for curling up with in front of a raging fire and sipping on all afternoon. Definitely not made made for pre-gamin’, but perfect for chillin’ or celebratin’ a PR. Which brings me to yesterday’s race (was that a segue or WHAT? Har, har.)

It was a fast, flat 5k downtown and I didn’t have contact with the Garmin for the first two miles or so (the race started between two tall buildings and then led us under a few tunnels), but I think that actually contributed to the PR because I had no idea how fast I was running until I checked the timer at the first mile marker: 8:37. Zoiks!

Lesson: Having a Garmin can motivate you to go faster, but it can also allow you to be complacent.

We started in the 9:00 pace area, but there were about 10,000 runners, none of whom seemed intent on running at a 9:00 pace. So we had to jump up onto the sidewalk and scurry past the walker/joggers at a pace that just felt too fast for me. Meh. I decided to just go with it.

Mile 2, I finally got reception back and would have settled into a more comfortable 9:00ish pace, if Kate had let me– but she was having none of that! As we approached mile 3, we really started to book it, and I managed an 8:30 pace all the way to the finish. We sprinted the final stretch (I actually saw sixes on the garmin!) and I came in at 26:58– 15 seconds faster than my last 5k.

Big grins.

Next weekend, we’re doing another 5k downtown on the canal. I didn’t think I was a 5k kinda gal, but I could get used to this.

Am I running today? Ehhhh. I did have every intention of doing a long run today, but I can see some heavy snow falling outside my window right now and really? I think my cats need me. (You can roll your eyes, it’s okay.)


9 thoughts on “beer, 5ks and kittens or: the ridiculously long version of yesterday’s post

  1. Cute new addition! 🙂 Don’t worry, your other cat will come around. It took our first cat a good few days of hissing and “who the f*ck is this intruder” and now they are the best of friends.

  2. Congrats on the new kitty! She’s adorable! So, how was the Schlafly Reserve? For the full experience, I think you needed to drink it wearing a stranger’s sweaty Crocs! 🙂 And I’m glad you are using the glass–it looks good with beer in it!

    • AAAAHAHA!!!

      The Schlafly was fantastic. Really impressed. I still have another bomber of the 07 barley wine but I am hesitant to open it because I doubt I could finish it on my own and Matt doesn’t like BWs…maybe we can crack that puppy next time you visit!

      Love the glass…again, you’re awesome. 🙂

      • Aww, shucks! I’d love to try it. But I can always bring you some more when I head your way. I have plenty of vacation–so let’s figure out a long weekend m’dear!

  3. Congrats on the PR!!! What an awesome weekend. I’m not much of a cat person on principle but goodness, that new little one is freakin’ darling. Yeah, darling. Poor other cat. She looks how I reportedly felt when my baby brother was born. Apparently I was pissed for eight months straight. Hopefully Wrigley comes around sooner than that.

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