butternut up or shut up

I was in the grocery store for about 15 minutes yesterday and this is what the windshield looked like by the time I got back:

YAYAYAYAY!!! (That was sarcasm, stupid.)

For some reason, people in Indiana forget how to drive every year and have to re-learn during the first snow storm. It makes things interesting.

The forecast includes snow, and blowing snow. Now, I like to think of myself as the type of person who will run in just about any condition. If for no other reason than being able to call you a wussy for not running. Basically, I do it for spite.

But even I will not venture out in this garbage. There’s a drift four feet high on our back porch and it’s only snowed about two inches. I mean come on.

What I did venture into was the wonderful world of butternut squash soup, because I was feeling ambitious and we happened to get one from the co-op last week.

When I Googled “butternut squash soup,” every recipe was essentially the same: some variation of garlic, onions, curry, cayenne, cumin, and some kind of stock.

Some, in a misguided attempt to appear unique, might throw in some apples, lentils, potatoes or cream cheese, but really? Butternut squash soup is butternut squash soup, no matter how you look at it. It’s pretty hard to screw up, even for me. I just threw in everything I had lying around and guess what? It turned out just fine.

My thoughts: good, but wholly not worth the effort. Did you know you have to peel those things?? I know– outrageous.

If you want to warm up a cold day, I would strongly encourage you to do this instead:

Three Floyds’ homage to Pelican: the Creeper. A massive 9% ABV doppelbock that turns all bocks on their collective asses. (If you’re thinking Sam Adams or Shiner, just get out. )

This beer has strong coffee, chocolatey, spicy, almost cigar-like flavors up front, finishing with a spicy zing that is vaguely reminiscent of Dr. Pepper. I wouldn’t think to name a doppelbock as one of my favorite styles of beer, but if they were all like this, I’d have to reconsider.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is yet another outstanding beer from Three Floyds.

5 thoughts on “butternut up or shut up

  1. Peeling butternut squash is one of the most thankless activities in the world. When I make anything that calls for a squash puree, I just halve the sucker and roast it, then scoop out the soft cooked flesh. Might not be as smooth as cubing and boiling it, but at least all of my fingers are intact.

  2. That lake effect is nuts. I was watching in awe (and slight jealousy) the weather reports this morning about some of Indiana. My jealousy stemmed from them repeating over and over “DO NOT go out on the roads. STAY HOME.”

    What I wouldn’t give for a snow day from work…

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