anti-milestone Friday

Today represents a number of things, unfortunately none of them are meaningful:

  • Nineteen months and one day as a blogger (read: narcissistic web geek).
  • My 399th blog post.
  • My 138th post in the “beer” category (although I suspect there are probably some occasions when I was too drunk to check the box).
  • My 14th post this month, and my 281st post this year.
  • Five years and three months of marriage.
  • Five years, one month and 17 days of living in Indiana.
  • Ten months and 14 days at this job. (Three months and 11 days spent doing actual work…Kidding!)
  • Five months of using my Garmin to obsess over distance and pace.
  • Tomorrow will be my twelfth race of 2010, my third 5k and only the eighth time I’ve gone running this month. (Zoiks!)

Last night to celebrate nothing, I cracked open Schlafly’s 2007 reserve barley wine.

I was saving it for a special occasion, but that occasion turned out to be having no cold beer in the fridge. I threw that puppy in the freezer while I was working out and it was perfectly chilled by the time I was done.

It was accidental, but nonetheless appropriate that I took this photo in front of the bread box, because that’s just what this beer tasted like; it was very sweet and bready and malty.

Aging three years had the affect of eliminating that high-alcohol burn and making it incredibly soft and smooth. Deceiving, given the 10.2% ABV.

I had a little glass in the tub, a little glass on the couch while watching Brew Masters with the hubs, a little glass while playing with the kitten, and then I was out cold.

Speaking of kittens, first cat is beginning to get curious about the noises and smells coming from the room where we’re keeping her sister wife. We’ve caught her several times sniffing around and peeking under the door (although when she sees us, she acts aloof). We’re going to try some more exposure therapy this weekend and see how they do together. Bribery will likely play a part.

What insignificant things are going on with YOU today?


3 thoughts on “anti-milestone Friday

  1. Second time this week ordering tripe soup for lunch from the local Dominican take-out place down the block and making them deliver it. I’m not proud. But I’m not ashamed, either. Huh.

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