a typical me post in which I babble incoherently about running and beer

Yesterday morning I ran a 5k benefiting Animal Care & Control of Indianapolis.

I’ve done it once before –it’s a very small and intimate race on the canal downtown and with temps in the teens, only the die-hards showed up (oh, and me). There was actually a dude running in shorts and nothing else. Of course he got the job done much faster– 5:40 pace.

The race wasn’t chipped, so the “official” results weren’t all that official (read: perforated tab ripped off of bib and handed to dude, who scribbles down number on it).

I could make the argument that this was a PR since the Garmin had me at an 8:29 pace, even though the race clock had me finishing at 8:50, but I’m gonna take Sarah’s advice and not gripe about technicalities in an un-chipped 5k fun run. (I am still calling it a PR because it felt like one. Hence, a new category of PR created by me: the PR by decision; basically, you get to decide if it counts as a PR. Dap.)

After the race, I hit the streets with my FIDO team– I volunteer with these guys once a month and right now we’re doing our best to make sure outside dogs are staying warm. (Why anyone would keep their dog outside in this weather is beyond me, but I won’t go into that right now.)

So, my whole Saturday was pretty much dedicated to dogs. And I was outside and pretty much freezing my ass off the whole time, so the first thing I did when I got home was thaw out in a scalding hot bath with a glass of wine.

Then my better-looking half and I went out to Black Swan Brewpub for dinner — new joint that just opened up near us. They haven’t begun brewing their own beer yet, but they have a pretty good variety of guest brews on tap. I had a pint of Founder’s Red’s RyePA and a half-pint of Bell’s Double Cream Stout for dessert.

My right shin and calf were a little tender this morning, which is ironic in a sad way because I’ve been pulling some pathetic numbers in terms of mileage recently. (Look at where playing it safe gets me, eh?) Anyway, tenderness be damned, I headed out for a longish run this afternoon — ended up being just over six miles.

It went…okay. The roads in my neighborhood are ridiculously underplowed, and our street is probably the only one in the entire city still covered in snow. Living in Indiana has helped me understand the distinction between good snow (hard, crunchy) and bad snow (soft, slushy). This was not the good kind.

At any rate, it would have been a terrific workout for my shins and ankles if it hadn’t been so hard on my shins and ankles. The shin pain kind of worked itself out over the course of the run, but the pain in my right calf was stubborn and vengeful.

(Sidenote: I’ve had this pain before. It’s NOT the Achilles, but if you can picture that general area, it’s right above that. Last time it came with an increase in mileage; this time, I have no explanation.)

So between that and dodging snowdrifts and patches of ice, it wasn’t my best work.

However, it wasn’t so long ago I was running 10ks in NOT snow and doing it a hell of a lot slower than this. For that part, I am proud.

So. This week we’ll be doing the rolling-massage thing, the ice-wrap thing, the epsom-bath thing and the see-how-it-goes thing.

We’ll also be doing the only-working-four-days thing, the drinking-every-night thing, and the shit-my-parents-and-in-laws-are-coming-desperate-last-minute-grocery-shopping thing.

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “a typical me post in which I babble incoherently about running and beer

    • Oh I know huh?! Luckily it was just the bottom part and not the whole thing. I like to keep all of mine too. And write my distance and finish time on the back because I’m awesome.

  1. Honestly, I like the PR by decision idea. Garmins, course measurements, chip timing… and how it all relates to official-ness?… who knows. Garmins and chip timing haven’t even been around all that long, anyway. Chip timing started what, two decades ago at most? Does that mean PRs before these methods came into use don’t actually count or aren’t official? Nahhh. Maybe racing is all a fair bit more subjective than we think it is. On that note, congrats on the PR.

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  3. Holy F I have no idea how I found your blog (links upon links from other running blogs I imagine) but I’m in love! It’s refreshing to read a running blog where the individual isn’t like 4 minutes faster than me per mile (I’m of the 10-11 minute pace myself, impressive, I know), we have the same taste in beer (mmm Double Cream Stout) and besides our three dogs, I volunteer with a shelter here in Cincinnati! Gah!

    I must catch up on other posts … oh … and maybe do some work since that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe I’ll start a blog. This is way better though, thanks for blogging!

    • Wow, thank you! We should hang out some time and get wasted. Like, after I have this baby thing. And work is overrated.

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