Sounds like everyone had a fantastic Christmas! And by that I mean: Wow, I am so glad I’m not a part of your family. You people sure go to a lot of trouble to be boring as hell.

Dap. Smile!

This year for Christmas, I:

  • didn’t shower four three days.
  • wore pajamas the entire time.
  • was not forced to see a bad fun-for-the-whole-family film or holiday romantic comedy.
  • drank unabashedly.
  • didn’t take pictures of anything but booze and kittens.

Oh, and this:

This is what’s going to take my beer blogging to a whole new level of pomp and snobbery, folks. You thought I was dorky before? Just wait.

I was planning to do an impressive recap of all the beers we sampled this week, but…meh. I’m just not feeling it tonight. I need to find some semblance of a routine that doesn’t involve drinking in my pajamas all day. (OR DO I? I’m off work all next week– I could get used to this.)

As far as running goes, I sort of fell off that wagon too. I didn’t run Friday or Saturday; finally ventured outside again this morning. It felt a little sloppy (due to 20°/high wind, no breakfast, dehydrated, etc.), but I’ll take it.

What’s ironic is that in the midst of all this holiday boozing and binging, I’ve managed to log more weekly miles than I have since the marathon. My goal is to keep up the momentum and carry it through until Spring. In theory, that should give me an edge over all the gym rats who are hiding indoors this season.

Of course, it never does.


11 thoughts on “denouement

  1. Amen to that first paragraph.

    But does this mean we don’t get to scroll through five photos of you and your family standing in front of the Christmas tree and smiling? Aw, C’MON.

    • Seeing as how I don’t mind being a hypocrite and I love self-deprecation, I probably would have tortured you with a few more family photos if we’d actually taken any this year!

  2. But wherrrrre is the picture of your new Garmin/healthified cookies/froyo?

    I sat on my mom to make her watch “Scott Pilgrim” until the end. That was our highlight.

  3. I watch Bad Santa with my parents every year. That’s about it. A lot of people find that odd because, well, Lauren Graham spends a fair amount of time screaming “FUCK ME SANTA” and Billy Bob Thornton fucks fatties in the ass. But I call it good old wholesome fun!

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