new year, same old me

Maybe I do need to reconsider what some goals might be for 2011.

Like learning how to drive. Following directions. Things like that.

After driving around and cursing for an hour, I lost any motivation I had for working out. Which is why I’m in my workout garb but still drinking coffee in front of the computer…


Anyway I bet you’re just DYING to know what I did for New Year’s Eve and what I wore.

Well, there was some of this:



And a little of this:

Your basic chill Friday night, with a little more booze than normal.

So today, it’s looking like a home workout and a shower (or maybe no shower if I’m feeling saucy) before the big Bears-Packers matchup at 3:15. Because if I didn’t go back to work after a week off even more exhausted than when I left, it would just be weird.



8 thoughts on “new year, same old me

  1. Isn’t it kind of disturbing how quickly you can lose your motivation to work out? And once it’s gone, it’s goooonnneee. Don’t even bother.

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