a new kind of kick

Have I complained about how there are practically no decent races here until Spring?

You’ve got your obligatory Halloween, Jingle Bell and New Year 5ks, and then the whole race thing just kind of shuts down.

I understand its tough to get people to show up for a race when its cold (and no, “cold” doesn’t mean 40°, Florida), but come on. (Oh, unless I want to drive somewhere far, and come on again.)

Here’s the unfortunate winter race schedule for Indy:

  • A 5k this Saturday; but an hour’s drive. Also, I’m kind of sick of 5ks.
  • A 37-floor stair climb on January 22. Oh HELL no.
  • Oh, dap: Groundhog 7 on February 6. I didn’t know about this one — definitely in.
  • A 5k on February 12. Meh.
  • Polar Bear 5 miler on February 19. Okay, that’s cool. I’m in.
  • A 5k on February 26, 45 minutes away. Double Meh.

This explains why I didn’t run any races in January last year.

So, in the absence of a timed race to motivate me through the winter doldrums, I did the next best thing: I joined a running club.

I thought it’d essentially be a “race” four times a week (because let’s face it, we all run better when somebody faster is just out of reach), and give me a proper appointment to keep (I paid my 20 bucks; thus, less chance of bailing).

I met up with them last night on the canal towpath and I had a decent run, although not many people showed up so we all kind of did our own thing. (And everyone was faster than me. EVERYONE.)

And, my right butt cheek has been giving me stress.

It started hurting Sunday so I iced it and took a couple days off. Last night it started hurting again as soon as I began running. It wasn’t like, agonizing pain or anything, but it did slow me down. I did six miles in about 1:01– about two minutes slower than my 10k pace of late.

The butt pain, along with some lingering shin-twinges prompted me to go trolling the internet for some new running shoes. The adizeros have held up surprisingly well, but I don’t know that they’re sturdy enough to handle serious mileage.

I’ve complained about how I’d like to have a hybrid road/trail shoe. Rather than having a trail shoe, a road shoe, a track shoe, an alternate shoe and so on until I go broke, I just want one damn shoe to do the trick for every damn kind of running there is, and the Adidas Marathons claim to be just that.

They’re the same weight as my Adizeros but the tread is designed to better accommodate trail running. (I’ve done trails in the adizeros and they were okaaay, but they get gravel and rocks stuck in the tread and don’t have the best traction.) The Marathons were cheap enough and I’m familiar enough with the brand that I was comfortable buying them online without trying them on.


Beer peeps: the plan was to drink a beer last night after the run but I ended up having a big glass of pomegranate juice mixed with ice water instead. Delicious, yet boring.

I fully intend to make up for that tonight. Stay tuned!


22 thoughts on “a new kind of kick

  1. *raises hand eagerly* OOH OOH I have something to contribute. I tried on the Marathons back in my running store days and very nearly bought a pair. They were indeed very light. And cool looking too. Did you end up ordering them?

    • Oh good! Glad to hear it. I did buy them– they were on sale for $59! So I figure even if they suck at trails they’ll still be a good walking shoe.

    • I don’t consider myself claustrophobic really, but that’s way more intimate than I want to be with a bunch of stinkies.

      Good luck — is in the Hancock??! Because that’s way harder core than the one here.

  2. 1. Dude, I could totally make it to Indy the Groundhog race weekend…

    2. I’m your butt twin. I’ve had the same nagging piformis thing, though it’s gotten better since I’ve worked on my hamstrings.

    3. Curious to know how those shoes work out. I’ve wanted to same thing AND I DON’T HAVE IT.

    4. Florida is America’s wang

    • AGH YOU SHOULD! It’s a FREE race – you just bring canned goods for the food bank. AND it’s the super bowl so we’ll have an excuse to get tanked afterward. I have to work that Monday but you could still crash at my place and then wait until I leave to go through my stuff, clog the toilets and steal my vodka.

  3. When I bruised my tailbone, I nursed that “I have a pain in my ass!” line for weeks. Unfortunately, it also hurt for that long.

    Glad to hear you are running with a club! Misery loves company, and company loves running in the winter. Sort of. It is gratifying, though, to know the same horrible wind is blowing in the face of a few other folks.

  4. The running club sounds great! My little trail running group is THE reason I’ll make it through the winter without having a theatrical meltdown about the COMPLETE. LACK. OF. RACES. until mothereffing April or whenever these bear-hunting yahoos decide to put on a race.

    Hope the ass pain clears up soon. I find butt pain to be particularly debilitating, honestly. Don’t let it get bad!

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