beer trading 101

Yeah so, I stepped out on my front porch this morning to find a wonderful surprise awaiting me. No, it wasn’t (SPOILER ALERT) Gwenyth Paltrow’s head.


My nice friend Rob over at Daily Beer Review and I have undertaken another beer trade, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give a dodgy and poorly-planned tutorial on beer trading.

Here goes.

First, you want to know someone in another part of the country who access to beer you don’t. There are some craft breweries who pretty much distribute all over, like Dogfish Head. And then there’s 3 Floyds and Cigar City, which you pretty much can’t get anywhere else.

Next, that someone you know in another state better be trustworthy. The last thing you want is to ship 30 bucks worth of beer across the country only to have that person be like, “HA! SUCKER.”

You also want that person to know their shit. It’d be a shame if you packaged up some really fine craft beers only to have your tradee send you some cans of Coors Light.

Last, packaging.

Rob used egg cartons to hold the beers vertical and wrapped each one individually in bubble wrap and then sealed it in a ziplock bag. That way, if one beer breaks you don’t have sticky beer mess all over all your other beers.

But if you’re doing it right, no beers will break.

Also, those hard cylindrical containers are great for your 22 oz. bombers. This one came originally came from Dogfish Head:

And if you’re careful, you can re-use the same packing.

I really got a great selection of beers and I can’t wait to try them out. And I’ve got some big shoes to fill — he’s already made a couple of requests, but maybe you Indy/Illinois beer geeks can give me some recommendations of what to send out to Florida.

And now I’ve got some running and some yoga-ing to do before I start drinking.



24 thoughts on “beer trading 101


    Seriously…I obviously don’t know as much about beer as y’all, but if the great state of North Carolina is brewing up anything you’d like to try, I’d be happy to send it your way.

    Great tutorial on packaging, too. I sent beer to a couple of people for Christmas and had no idea what I was doing…although apparently it arrived intact, or at least they were too polite to tell me if it didn’t….

  2. Amy. It’s taken seriously because usually the only beers worth shipping are the ones that are more expensive, so packing safely is crucial. Beer distribution laws make it illegal to buy beer from a brewery and have them send it to you. Otherwise, this personal packing and trading game would not exist. I mean, you can buy fine glasses from Mikasa and they will take the packing just as seriously, but we don’t have custom-made boxes for our shipments. Oh, and there are people that are much more passionate than I am about this. LOL.

    Shelby. NC probably has beers to offer a lot of people that they can’t get locally.

    Marie. Glad it made it safely. I know you will like all of them, at worst only one so-so. Did you see Shippy Shipperton sent me something yesterday too?

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      • We do enjoy the best beers here in our warm sunshiney state. Life is good. I’ve only ever seen Pliny the Elder and only on tap. I could see if I can track down his younger version and some Russian River. I think they’re pretty local.

      • It was a long shot, I’d met someone who raved about it. I know of some of the “bigger” craft breweries in California like Stone, 21st Amendment, Lagunitas, etc but there are probably better ones I’ve never even heard of. I’d take recommendations!

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