breaking even

Question: When you’re doing the bloggins, do you write the title or the blog post first? Do you have trouble coming up with good titles, or do you just slap down any old swill that comes to mind?

I think I’ve come up with a few really good titles in my day, but mostly they’re just only-somewhat-relevant titles that I’m hoping people will click on more for their sheer stupidity than their dazzling brilliance.

Anyway, yesterday I did yoga and then drank a beer called Panic Attack. Call it even?

You might remember last week I tried to go to this free yoga class that a studio here in town offers every Saturday. But I slept in, got lost and ended up not making it in time. So this week I was bound and determined to get there.

(Picture me barreling down the highway at 80mph, blasting heavy metal and cursing because I’m running late for YOGA. Yep, that’s me. Put that in your ashram and smoke it.)

Well, this time I made it– just barely. Being in January, and free, the class was packed; they squeezed me in right in the front of the room (great), but everyone there is really, really nice and they go out of their way to help you not feel like a jackass if it’s your first time ever doing yoga. I sweated my ass off and had a blast.

After that, I came home and did what any normal person would do after a cleansing 90 minute vinyasa sesh: I replenished my body’s store of toxins by making a big fat pot of French press coffee.

I got the press for Christmas along with a Krups grinder and I’m absolutely in love with them. If you like your coffee to be like sludge, I highly recommend it.

I used some shade-grown Ethiopian free trade something-or-others I bought at Trader Joes. Basically, free trade means no child workers were killed or otherwise exploited to bring you your fancy shmancy beans. I’ve never tasted the non-free trade kind, so I don’t know if there’s a difference in flavor, but I imagine the blood adds a little something…

Okay, enough rambling. Let’s talk beer.

I was looking for something kind of mellow to drink last night; lowish on the ABV scale since I’m planning on doing eight miles as soon as the temps climb above 20. I saw a Belgian amongst my stouts, DIPAs and barley wines, and thought that would be a safe choice. Of course as soon as I cracked it open I noticed the 10% ABV on the label. Oopsie.

Panic Attack is a really neat Belgian-ish style beer from the folks at Holy Mackerel Brewing of Greenville, South Carolina (by way of Ft. Lauderdale).

This is Beer #1 of Beer Trade #2, and wouldn’t you know it, when I googled “Holy Mackerel Belgian,” DBR’s blog was the third result — gooooo DBR! You’ve really hit the big time now buddy, at least as far as Google is concerned.

DBR is always gushing and drooling over this Ed Roberts fellow, and he just happens to have written a pretty nice review of Panic Attack. So I thought I’d just let you read that, since his sophistication and well-developed palate will probably do it more justice than my gutter talk and brackish tongue could ever do.

I will just say this: it’s sweet, sticky, boozy and delicious.

The End.


7 thoughts on “breaking even

  1. Ed works at our local beer and wine superstore, where he neglects all the customers except those that love great beer. Well, that’s not true, but he does let all of us beer geeks know when new stuff is coming. He arranged a Panic Attack tasting with the owner of Holy Mackerel before it was launched, too, but it basically fell through on my end.

    Also, Ed’s feeling a little sad recently as he has a serious challenger to his “sexiest man in craft beer” title! So thanks for giving him some props here.

    Glad you liked that one. Surprised you picked it first.

  2. Props to you for making it to yoga! And FREE?! I make myself do yoga in my apartment b/c paying upwards of $15 for a class is beer money I just can’t part with. I also love me some sludge and am brewing some up this minute.

  3. Obviously I need to move near you so I can have access to ALL THE BEER.

    Blog titles – sometimes a gem comes to me and I post simply because I have an awesome title in mind. Sometimes I write an entire entry and write the title last because I have no idea how to header the drivel I just wrote. Other times, I can’t think of a title at all and use something like “This Space Intentionally Left Blank”.

  4. french press = the bomb. fair trade Ethiopian blend = the bomb. i looooove coffee sludge. and i need to get back into yoga asap!

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