messin’ with swamp ape

Yeah so, if you haven’t already noticed, the Garmin Connect site has been down since yesterday and over-privileged athletes near and far have taken to the web to launch a full-scale hissy fit. It’s kind of hilarious.

And that’s just today. The wahs go on and on and on…

This is something I like to call “first world problems.”

I mean, yeah, it was slightly frustrating that I couldn’t drool over my splits yesterday, but then I poured myself a glass of clean drinking water from the sink in my kitchen, took a hot shower, and then sat down on my comfortable couch with my good-looking husband to watch satellite television and drink beer.

So, a little perspective, eh folks? Not that I don’t complain about stupid things all the time, but this one struck me as particularly absurd. (Although I do love that last entry: COOKIES.)

Anyway, about that beer

Last night I drank Swamp Ape, a nod to the elusive and stinky creature that is apparently Florida’s answer to the sasquatch.

This 10% ABV Imperial/Double IPA is intensely sweet with tropical fruit and incredibly smooth; I looked down after a minute and was surprised to find my glass already half empty. (And don’t give me any of that “oh, Marie, but maybe it’s half full!” crap. A half empty beer means the other half is already inside of me and that is never a bad thing.)

This was Beer #2 of Beer Trade #2, and DBR was nice enough to include a second, bonus Swamp Ape in that shipment. (I was tempted to crack that one open last night too, but regained my composure at the last minute and decided to hold onto it).

Running update: weird foot problem is still a problem. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t hurt while I’m running; just after. Kind of like a hangover. Plus, I’m running faster than ever, so it’s been easy to downplay the agony that proceeds it.

But I have to stop being stupid. I need to increase my flexibility and build strength without aggravating the foot. So today, I’m forgoing my Tuesday run in favor of yoga. Hmph. Seems the hippies finally got something right.

Later –


16 thoughts on “messin’ with swamp ape

  1. Thanks for the perspective. I think it’s important to recognize first world problems when we’re complaining about them and then be thankful for all the stuff (clean water, hot shower, etc) that you so aptly pointed out.

    Hope the foot feels better soon!

  2. first world problems…love it. others include when starbucks is out of skim milk, frizzy hair, and a text that goes unresponded for more than 20 minutes. Basically anything that preceds “FML” in other people’s facebook statuses. (like a tough test or traffic or…ugh. the list goes on. people are awful).

  3. I like the term “over-privileged athletes” and I never heard of a swamp ape until I saw this beer. Glad you liked it. It’s not even for sale yet in Miami. For a little perspective, there are only two reviews on Beer Advocate.

    By the way, when are you voting in my Best Beer of 2010 poll? You like that little bit of blog whoring there? Hahaha.

  4. My current first world problem: too much dry cleaning and hand wash only laundry items. I definitely feel like a spoiled rich girl complaining about that.

  5. haha, I admit, I tweeted about that but only because I thought I was the only one having problems! I like the cookie tweet too.

    Swamp Ape just reminds me of the term “swamp ass”,which I tend to get regularly in the summer when NYC reaches 90+ degrees…

    • heh, awesome, I wish I’d captured you in my screenshot! I love that you can check out twitter for that kind of stuff, I just thought it was funny how mad some people were getting. Like their life depended on it.

      We are very familiar with swamp ass here in the midwest. One year, my father-in-law gave me some Monkey Butt anti-friction powder for running/biking. I thought it was a gag gift but apparently it’s quite popular.


    We had a similar issue locally with registration servers for the Levi Leipheimer Gran Fondo – the thousands of people trying to register Monday morning crashed the servers and you wouldn’t beleive the amount of HATE AND ANGER directed at this VOLUNTEER Fundraising organization received via interwebz. You’d have thought people were being beaten and raped. Honestly- if you can’t register, no one else can either.

    Yet, i get seriously mad when hubby doesn’t text me back… ;P

  7. When I read “Swamp Ape” I thought you might have seen me at the gym last night….(HAHAHA). Thanks, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week….

    My foot is killing me, same as you – only AFTER a run. I truly believe it is due to my winter boots that I have worn since the snowpocalypse and has nothing to due with running per se. At least that’s my theory. It’s the only variable that I can identify.

  8. I’ve been giving myself a foot and calf massage every couple of days. Can’t count on the hubs because he thinks 30 seconds is plenty of time… back to the massage… seems to be helping me with some of the after aches.

    • haaaaaaa.

      I try to do that too. I have one of those roller thingies that I use on my quads and calves, but I need to be better at doing it regularly instead of just when something hurts. I think a lot of the problem with my feet has come from stiffness in my calves and ankles (I think I read something to that effect.)

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