cabin fever

So, yeah.

My stupid foot.

I am almost annoyed enough to seek professional help, which as you know I will normally avoid as long as is humanly possible.

I’m just…baffled. It feels so good when I run. Doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t feel weak or creaky or weird. How could something that feels so good hurt so bad when I’m done? It’s not fecking fair.

I have been passing the time in a number of ways…

Breckenridge Brewing Vanilla Porter


Sun King Wee Mac



Oh, and it’s supposed to snow allllll day tomorrow!



11 thoughts on “cabin fever

  1. Well that’s lame.

    I remember, just as my thousand-year knee injury was starting to heal, I tripped on .5″ of sidewalk while walking home drunk and smashed THE SAME knee into the ground, creating more mfing pain that you could imagine. It seemed ridiculous. As runners, we should be exempt from non-overuse injuries.

  2. Yeah Sarah’s story reminds me of the time I had just finished physical therapy for my knee, was running without pain, and then I tried to drunkenly do a side aerial. I slipped on wet grass, hyperextended the damn thing and it hurt for weeks. Sorry about the foot though.

  3. I’ll just say that I’m a rather uncoordinated individual (hence why I like non-contact sports like running) and I get pesky non-overuse injuries more often than I should. You’re not alone, but it still sucks! Get yourself to the doctor, and hopefully they can actually help. I tend to avoid this step if possible, because I feel like they usually just tell me to RICE and not run 😦 Maybe your doc will be better!

  4. I took two months (more? maybe) off of running for ye olde granny hip. Ran two weeks (less?) with no pain. Got in car accident. Pain in ye olde granny hip yet again.

    And my car was totalled.

    I would say beer is your best bet at this point. If it’s muscular, the beer will relax the muscles. That’s important. I’ve learned from my mother that every ailment can be treated with alcohol.

    • Okay you win. That SUCKS. [frowny face] I’ll stop complaining now.

      And it’s true beer pretty much fixes everything. Oh, except uncontrolled bleeding.

  5. Just glad you’re getting Breckenridge Brewery out there. While I am not a fan of the Vanilla Porter, I do love their Stout BBQ Sauce all over a Bison Burger, swimming in my stomach with more stout. .

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