Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

When you’re injured and can’t run, you at least want to be injured when it’s 1° outside, am I right?

So last night, I did a half-assed sesson of Jillian-style yoga in front of a roaring fire (making it somewhat vinyasa-ish). Then I rewarded myself with this 10% ABV Cigar City Warmer Winter Winter Warmer. (For score-keepers: Beer #4 of Beer Trade #2.)

On the bottle:

We brew this English-style ale with American hop varietals to celebrate the idea of a snowy winter landscape, if not so much the reality as we experience here in Florida. Dark copper amber in color, Winter Warmer has a complex citrus and caramelized toffee aroma with underlying notes of chocolate. The flavor begins with a dark caramel to medium toffee sweetness balanced by a firm citrus dryness and then moves into a forward malt character with hints of chocolate and rye in the finish and lingering citrus and pine notes. Winter Warmer pairs well with spiced ham and ridiculously warm winters. Enjoy one with the air conditioner turned down low.

Um. All I can say to that is “yep.”

This beer? Is brilliant.

It had everything: hops, chocolate and rye, toffee, caramel; thick sludgy consistency…

I mean, just look:

This is not a pre-gaming beer. It’s not a party beer. But it is a very serious lounging-by-the-fire beer. Share it; or better yet, don’t share it and give yourself a few hours to drink it all on your own.



5 thoughts on “Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

  1. Did they really use the verb “To Movie” in their description? I have this bottle like 20 feet away but am too lazy to look. Spelling mistakes would not surprise me though, as this brewery is known for brewing beer, dipshit owner rants and fighting the Tampa man. Yeah, “THE” Man.

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