post #425: more on running and beer

Several notable accomplishments to announce today (okay, just two but they’re good ones):

1. I ran.

After nine days of forced relaxation, I finally hit the pavement this evening for a 4.3-mile test run to see how the foot was doing.

I took it easy and did okay. There is still a lot of ice and snow in my neighborhood, and a bunch of those really annoying hard, frozen wheel ruts in the road.

And, probably not the smartest move, but I took this opportunity to break in the new Kinvaras I got for a killing at (After adding them to the cart, it subtracted another 25%. Dap!)

First impression: After running in “too much shoe” for years and years, I loved the feeling of comparative weightlessness. My only fear is that they might not be enough shoe for me. I feel like it might be risky to experiment with a minimalist shoe unless you’re an experienced runner (which I am not). Like, what the shoe lacks in stability, YOU have to make up for with a strong running foundation. Of course I could just be blowing smoke.

2. I finally finished the gathering phase of beer trade #2. Tomorrow, that sucker ships!

Here’s what DBR is getting:

L to R:
Barley Island Dirty Helen Brown
Sun King Wee Mac Scottish Style Ale Can
Two Brothers Cane and Ebel Red Rye Ale
Schlafly Dry Hopped American Pale
Upland Teddy Bear Kisses Imperial Stout
Upland Bad Elmer’s Porter
Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout (LOVE.)
Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale (Yeah, a second Scotch Ale, but it was very reasonable so I consider it a bonus for the sake of comparison.)

Plus I got some new rad beers for myself, including the one I am enjoying right now.

Two Brothers Domaine DuPage French Style Country Ale. 5.9% ABV, 24 IBUs; nice rich color with a zippy yet malty mouthfeel, sweet caramel flavor with and a clean toasty finish. I like it.

I’m going to be early tonight, but please feel free to tell me your thoughts on minimalist shoes, beer, the state of the union, or anything else you feel like discussing.



17 thoughts on “post #425: more on running and beer

  1. Hooray for getting a run in! I think minimalist shoes are great for some people, but I’d be too scared to try them and risk getting injured. I just bought the book “Born to Run”, which may change my thinking on this once I’ve done…

    I’m with Amy re: State of the Union…mmf.

    • Yeah, I really don’t put a lot of stock into the state of the union. Of course he will try to say all the right things but it means very little until the follow-through. My two cents.

  2. The shoes are fine but I’m much more into the beer. Wow, thanks a lot. Very excited. Can’t wait.

    If anyone wants to see the highlights (or play by play) of the State of the Union address, go to my!/DailyBeerReview Twitter comments from last night. I hope you’ll be entertained. (I missed the first 25 min but got enough in).

  3. I really want to try the kinvaras. I wouldn’t say I’m drinking the minimalist kool-aid, but I have always preferred lighter shoes with less cushion, especially for tempo runs and such. Also, I agree that you really have to work on your form when you’re running with less shoe, and that is really hard to do in snow/ice….

  4. I think I’m going to try some minimalist shoes this spring/summer when I can get some work in on dirt paths. And just switch between the minimalist ones and my regular ones as I build up mileage. Agree though, I’d prob injure myself if I just switched. Wait, just realized… found your blog 2 weeks or so ago and I don’t know if I’ve commented yet. Hi, I’m Katie and I like running and trying new beer. So that explains the draw, and I usually get a good laugh from reading your blog. Maybe a beer trade someday?

  5. zomg I just started running in Kinvaras this month, as an attempt to avoid injury after returning from an injury (did that make sense). I’m really focusing on my form and moving towards a toe-strike. Basically, I’ve been left hobbled and totally limping because my calves are killing me. But not in an injuried way. They are also 5 million pounds lighter than my Stabils. I’ll be posting a review of them pretty soon. (it’s on my actual to-do list, impressive).

    Oh and as a disclaimer, I’ve totally drunk the minimalist kool aid. And also, we don’t have any of that, how-you-say…snow?

  6. re: minimalist shoes. Whenever I develop any persistent hamstring pain (as in the past two weeks), the chunkier training shoes are part of the problem. Yesterday I ran in my Nike Frees instead, and the ham pain evaporated. Obviously the minimalist shoes aren’t a cure-all, but this is the second time in the past year that switching into them for a few runs has caused my hamstring pain disappear. Not sure what kind of gait/footstrike/altered biomechanics deal is going on, but I like it.

  7. Minimalist shoes? Never heard of them. But assuming they’re like minimalist music (Ravel’s “Bolero” being the best known example), they’re probably a good thing.

    Beer? Love it–as long as it’s not Pilsner (tastes sour, to me). My favorite beer is Guinness Extra Stout, my second favorite is Moosehead.

    And the state of the Union? What union? This nation has not been so polarized between Democrats and Republicans for over 150 years! We need a major third party to serve as a moderator between these two equally corrupt, extremist, and powerful parties–or an Independent President. My first presidential vote was for Ross Perot–and for this very reason. If this nation would have elected him, we almost certainly wouldn’t be in such a mess today! But it’s not too late–I’m a card-carrying Independent voter, and if enough other Americans join me, we can change this nation for real, and for the better!

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