trapped under ice

This made me feel sorta special yesterday:

We had a family emergency and were out of town all weekend. More on that never.

We did get home just in time for [insert clever name for ice storm here] ’11.

And yeah, I hate when people blog about the weather but I don’t feel like discussing important things today so I’m…going to go ahead and blog about the weather.

You see all TEH SHINY? Yeah, that’s not water.

(Note to stalkers: in case you were wondering, that’s not our house.)

I did get out for a run on Saturday, ending my “come back” week with a total of 14.5 miles and no pain whatsoever. I will run today, provided I can find a place that’s not covered by a 2-inch thick layer of ice.

Yesterday I drank Cigar City’s Either Black IPA, (beer #7 of beer trade #2. (For those who are keeping track, I had the other Swamp Ape Thursday night, off the record.)

If you were a reader of this blog back in November, you’ll remember how much I love Black IPAs, so I was saving this one for a special occasion (and what better occasion than a nightmare weekend followed by a nightmare ice storm?)

It did not disappoint me.

It’s a “high gravity black ale brewed with Ty Ty (no, not THAT Ty Ty) honey, copious amounts of hops and aged on toasted Spanish Cedar.”

It was strong with honey, cedar and dark fruit; hints of chocolate. Seriously hoppy but smooth as glass. Just what I needed.

All right. Life beckons. Be careful out there.

This one seemed painfully obvious. Enjoy:


10 thoughts on “trapped under ice

  1. I was wondering where you were too. Looks like you should learn to ice skate or cross-country ski during this time of year.

    Love the picture of your cat’s ass with the beer! Glad you liked it. Trade 2 Florida version is supposed to arrive today. Can’t wait.

    Glad you’re back.


    For realsies, sorry the weekend sucked, sorrier for that ice. We’re just expected to get thundersnow and other fun shit. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. “insert clever name for storm…” you’re being too kind to local newsanchors. Those names aren’t clever. They’re lame and annyoing. How many ways can you work the term “pocolypse” into winter weather?

  4. UGH. Hope everything is okay. If i were you I wouldn’t leave the house again until that shit melts. You can use your ice-induced house-arrest situation to entertain us all on the interwebz. Also thanks for the cat butt in the beer picture — added value.

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