I will attempt to go running today. After that nine-day stint on the disabled list, being on weather-related house arrest is almost more than I can bear.

And, since I’ve professed to have very little sympathy for anyone who says it’s too cold or too dark to run (excepting Sweaty Kid of course), I feel obliged to eat my words and make a slight modification to that: if you don’t have any Yaktrax and your entire neighborhood is covered in a two-inch thick sheet of solid ice, it is okay to stay indoors.

But, you know what you can do indoors?


Last night I drank One Oatmeal Stout (8% ABV), from Dark Horse Brewery of Marshall, Mich.

It’s the first in a series of holiday stouts “produced to help ease you through the cold and grey midwestern winters.”


Dark and rich in color with a thin caramel-colored head; strong tones of chocolate and coffee; rich enough to sip, but not overwhelming. Brilliant.

The rest of the series includes a cream stout, a blueberry(!) stout, a smoked stout and an imperial stout. I’d be happy to try them all (for you, my dear readers, of course).

I sent DBR a Dark Horse Scotch ale in our recent beer trade; I’ve never tried it, but the oatmeal stout inspires confidence. Provided it didn’t expire three years ago, he should be in for a treat.


18 thoughts on “Um.

  1. Yax Trax kind of blow on ice, at least in my experience. I have a pair of stabilicers that have been pretty useful. But they blow in snow. So, that’s where Yax Trax come in handy.


  2. So how was your run? Yak Trax really are useless on ice; I think spikes are the only thing that can help there. I agree that beer has a much higher training effect under the circumstances.

    • Not bad. I like that you can still run on concrete in the yaktrax without ruining them (there were some areas where the roads had actually been cleared), but I can see how spikes would really be the only effective thing for ice.

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