I worked out this morning and then got an oil change in the midst of another mini-blizzard (or a one-fifths blizzard on the 2011 Midwest Blizzard Scale). We got a nice four inches of snow on top of that pesky ice that still.has.not.melted. I really see no point in leaving the house for the rest of the day.

I’m half working, half playing. I need to catch up on some stuff, but I don’t really mind because when you work at home on Saturday, it’s totally kosher to drink beer and wear pajamas. Ask anyone.

I think I wear probably the best pajamas ever:

Twenty-year-young Santa Cruz snowboards hoodie, nightgown, leggings, legwarmers and furry slippers. It nice.

As for the beer, I am drinking a sessiony (read: daytime) Sheet Metal Blonde Belgian style wheat ale from Barley Island (4.8% ABV/17 IBU).

Honestly, I didn’t think I liked this beer the first time I tried it. Because my love affair with craft beer began with a big, hoppy, flavor-obvious IPA, I have some difficulty detecting the more subtle nuances of the lighter wheat beers. (This is probably why more people watch Two and Half Men than Arrested Development; it’s that don’t-make-me-have-to-think-about-it mentality.)

But SMB is light and easy to drink; orangey and spicy with a nice, clean, zippy finish. And just look at that nice foamy lacing on the glass.

I was supposed to do a seven mile race at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, but it was canceled.

Due to the recent icestorm and additional 5″ of snow Zionsville saw this afternoon the Groundhog 7 planning committee has made the unfortunate decision to cancel the Groundhog 7 race tomorrow 2/6/2011, 1:00 pm at Zionsville High School.

The Groundhog 7 planning committee spent a good hour out on the course. Some roads were OK and some were just plain bad. The Zionsville Trail is snow-covered ice and the Zionsville High School parking lot hasn’t been touched, leaving nowhere for us to park. We even considered shortening the route, taking the course in reverse for a 5k distance. This didn’t work either as the alternative route (given the approved course) had the worst roads.


I may consider being a superbadass and running on my own. I was counting on that being my long run for the week and I’d feel sort of worthless without it. Plus, given the outlook (only 40% chance for snow and high of 35°!!!), the conditions are practically perfect.

If not for the stupid ice.



25 thoughts on “pajamarama

  1. With you on the IPA:wheat::himym:arrested development. Good comparison! I don’t think the ice will ever go away until June at this rate.

  2. First of all, what the fuck is that PJ’s get-up you’re wearing? That was a joke for the blog right?

    Second, why do you care if they canceled the race. Can’t you just go run it anyway. If no one else is there and you finish, you win! You should do it. Take a bunch of pics and then send the Groundhog 7 a summary. That would be awesome!

    • They said it was the first year they’d ever had to cancel! I will definitely run as long as there’s some good road. I don’t think I can’t handle the yaktrax again just yet.

  3. You should run like Rocky when he went to train for the fight with Drago in Russia, where he ditched the KGB dudes assigned to watching his ass. Just a run through the thick snow, no slipping. Then come back and do sit-ups from the rafters for dessert!

  4. I have nothing to add except I have those same leg wamers!!! I wear them all the time. I would say daily except I now own four pairs of leg warmers. So I do wear leg warmers daily. They keep my legs so warm.

  5. Humm, I wash mine all the time and no shrinking. But I’ve never put them in the dryer (as a long-legged gal I stopped using the dryer a couple of decades ago). I could stand to do some Chuck Norris flexing though, so maybe that would be good motivation.

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