the cathedral of yak

I had a very therapeutic run in Eagle Creek Park this morning. I had sort-of-in-my-head decided I might not run today, until I got a text message from Kate at 9 a.m., when I was still in bed and wishing the cats would go back to sleep and leave me alone for at least another hour.

“Still up for a run?”

Gahhhh crap.

Basically, I was shamed into it. But once we got out there, strapped on our Yaks and took off, I was so glad. It was beautiful. Like church, but without all the pantyhose and the boring.

Kate’s been wanting to submit Eagle Creek for a Runner’s World Rave Run for…oh, years now, so today she finally remembered to stash her iphone in her pocket and we had a bit of a photo sesh while we were running. So don’t be surprised when you see Kate in Runner’s World. We think it’s gonna happen.

The deer was just serendipity.

P.S. The Yaktrax are infinitely more helpful on six inches of snow than on ice. People running the roads at the park today looked at us like we were crazy, but the Yaks made us feel like we were cheating. And I didn’t even need to ice anything when I got home. Amazing.


8 thoughts on “the cathedral of yak

  1. Church. Goddamn. I knew I forgot something today.

    Did get out for some miles though…it was hot! I know I know…but if it’s hot now, just imagine how hellish it’s going to be. We don’t have special shoes to help with the heat.

  2. You’re like…pretty hardcore. Yo. I’ve always wanted to run in one of the Rave Run locales, but so infrequently get to go for a jog in some state park in Montana that I’ve come to believe that my “Run Past Supercuts” might qualify.

    It doesn’t. But you’re lucky that yours does.

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