cheery pants thursday

In case you think I was exaggerating about the roads in my neighborhood:

I ran six miles in Eagle Creek last night on very clean, very dry, very non-ice covered roads.

I finally broke 59:00 which is a Pretty Big Deal for me, especially considering the park has a couple of decent hills. My previous six mile PR was 59:26, and on a flatter road. This was the first time I’ve been able to keep every mile under 10:00.

I probably started out too fast, then I hit the hills on the way back and really had to push. But I had that nice barfy feeling when I was done and I was thrilled to see only nines on the Garmin.

I know most of you run faster than me, but blow me: it was 15° outside and I felt like a superbadass.

I jumped in the car and took off without stretching and got a crazy muscle spasm on the way home. Another one later on in my foot. I haven’t had any of those in a while so I don’t know if it was just the cold, the not stretching, the superbad run or what. But before I drank a beer, I ate a banana. Safety first.

I’d like to do an easy four or five miles today. There’s a 5k Saturday morning that I signed up for months ago and then promptly forgot about. It’s the first run of the half-marathon training series and there will likely be jillions of annoying people there who don’t understand the concept of pace groups. It will probably give me some good fodder (read: whining material) for the blog and that’s about it.

Yes, I sign up for popular 5ks fully knowing I’ll be surrounded by noobs and jerks. And I complain because I think I’m funny, but I assure you in real life I am delightfully, blissfully happy.


Cheery Pants


16 thoughts on “cheery pants thursday

    • It’s going to warm up a lot here this weekend too – 37 and sunny for Saturday – which means even more jerks and noobs out racing. Maybe some of this ice will finally melt!

  1. great run and HOLY SHIT, how can the streets still look like that? I’d go crazy.

    It must be “jackass 5K” weekend because I’m running one too. That involves a t-shirt with little lovesick monkeys on it.

  2. Man, your roads are truly the suck. Ours get cleared pretty fast but parts are still nasty, in fact I saw a dude with a crowbar and a hammer clearing out a parking spot for himself last night. šŸ™‚

    Great job on the 6 miler!

  3. Sweeeet run! Were you with your running partner or did you grind that one out alone? I would have incredulous conniptions about the state of those roads every time I woke up and saw them still looking so un-runnable. Thank goodness you have that Eagle Creek place as an option.

    • Thanks! My poor running buddy has h1n1 so I was solo for this one – but it’s funny you ask because she’s a lot faster than me and usually is the impetus behind my faster runs. EC is my little sanctuary in the city. It’s even got a reservoir where I see rowing teams practicing and I think of you! Hee hee.

  4. Banana before the beer?

    No slice the banana, top it with nut butter and put it in the beer. Don’t you know anything?

    The le popular 5k. For the love…could someone please enforce a walkers (both those who ambulate and those who actually need the assistance of a walker for mobility) and parents with strollers (worse parents who allow their toddlers to toddle alongside the stroller) IN THE BACK. The rest of us have a race to run. Seriously. there should be a test of some sort.

  5. 1) Those roads are ridic.
    2) We should all work together to bring “blow me” back, haven’t heard that in way too long.
    3) Whats wrong with us noobs? I respect and defer to the vets! Blow me. (see I’m starting already!)

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