c’est la vie: unfunny Friday

Last night after work I ran four miles at a pace that was significantly slower than that fantastic six miler I did on Wednedsay.

Folks, this is why I just don’t like to run two days in a row: I felt like I was dragging anchors behind me. What felt like the same degree of effort that got me a 9:45 pace Wednesday, got me an 11:00 pace last night. No joke.

I am sort of proud I got through it without giving up or walking, though. Running isn’t always fun. But you do it anyway.

Also, my Garmin decided it wanted a soft reset, then it decided it still didn’t want to upload any new activities for me. C’est la vie. That run is better left off the record anyway.

After running I drank a Three Floyds’ Pride and Joy (okay, two).

Um. Anyway, I just don’t feel “on” today so I thought I’d drag you down with me by whoring out some of my very unfunny, very unread blog posts from the early days of CTT.

Please enjoy a selection of some of my least-read posts of all time:


New shoes, humbling moment #367 and a Dreadnaught

Late night living room workout

jingle barf – this one’s particularly hysterical. I talk about oatmeal, and not even sarcastically. This was also way back before I started running in cold weather. We’ve come such a long way, haven’t we?


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