slush: destroyer of egos and ankles


First not-freezing day we’ve had in weeks. I waited (read: procrastinated) all day in the hopes that the sun would do its job and melt away some of the stubborn (and now black and disgusting) ice covering the roads.

Yes, I could have driven somewhere else to run where the roads were clear, but it seemed foolish to DRIVE somewhere just to run three measly miles.

And, yes, I could have run more than three miles to compensate for the drive, but I didn’t feel like it. Stop badgering me.

Instead I sat around all day feeling sorry for myself and thinking up clever ways to sabotage my run: I’ll go running as soon as I eat some more of this great chili, everything will be fine…

When I finally got out there (after wearing my running clothes for two hours and spending 40 minutes creating the “perfect” running playlist of 849 metal songs, of which I listened to about seven), it was a balmy 39°, and I could even see actual bits of road peeking through the melting ice and snow. That melting part turned out to be the problem. Because when stuff melts, it turns to water. And when you have lots of stuff melting, you have lots and lots of water.

Within a quarter-mile, my shoes and socks were wet; a mile, each step produced an audible squish from inside my shoes; after a mile and a half my ankles were screaming at me and I had only the strength of my cursing to propel me home.

I ended up doing three and some change but instead of feeling pleasantly tired in an accomplished sort of way, I just felt cranky and frustrated.

No beer tonight; tomorrow I’m getting up early to crank out a decent seven or eight ON CLEAN STREETS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

6 thoughts on “slush: destroyer of egos and ankles

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  2. Wet feet are pretty much the worst thing ever. Better luck tomorrow – I’m hoping for lots of overnight evaporation for you!

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who does the self-sabotage thing when it comes to running. I’ll be like: I NEED to eat these crackers or whatever, fully knowing that it’ll mean delaying my run for another hour.

  3. “I had only the strength of my cursing to propel me home.” – such a good summary of my own whininess in non-ideal running conditions.

    For real though. Give it a rest, winter. Sorry to hear about the ankles, that’s the worst part…

  4. As I was walking to my workout room yesterday, I was like, “damn, it’s actually nice out- I should run in this.”

    Then I remembered I really only love running the trails… which are probably still covered with snow. Ugh. Crossing my fingers for next week…

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