I’ve been whining for several days in a row, so I thought today would be a good time to express some gratitude.*

After that thoroughly infuriating run in my ‘hood yesterday, I needed to make a comeback. I got up early and headed out to the Monon Greenway to run with Kate, who did not die of the swine flu by the way, and she is grateful for your concern.

There was still a lot of snow on the path, but it was dry (if that makes sense) and hard-packed; infinitely easier to run on than the sludge in my neighborhood. There were some icy spots in the shade; one bridge in particular that we had to ease our way over (twice), me holding onto the handrail and shuffling for dear life, while Kate is bouncing along like it ain’t no thang. I swear to god, she’s bionic or something.

So we took it easy and still managed to rack up eight miles at a 10:30 pace, which in truth is not that bad for me. My eight mile PR is 1:22, only two minutes faster than we finished today.

So, gratitude #1: a great run in perfect weather with a good friend who’s no longer all swiney.

After that, a kickass brunch at 3 Sisters Cafe— Florentine scramble with basil, tomatoes and goat cheese.

3 Sisters was just JUST featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so the place was packed. We had to wait about 40 minutes for a table but it was worth it. They had good coffee to hold us over. And, despite it being their busiest weekend ever, we still had great service. Charming, cozy place with nice people and OUTSTANDING FOOD. Check it out if you ever get the chance.

I usually only mention by name the restaurants that I love. I think it’s sort of tacky to gripe on your website about a restaurant you didn’t like so much — unless of course that site is called It comes off as entitled, like you’re trying to use your influence as a blogger to extort a response from the restaurant.

It’s hard enough for a small business owner to stay afloat without the added concern that some self-righteous blogger is going to bash them after one bad experience. (Unless of course, you find a dead rat in your soup or turds in your salad or something. In that case, you are free to quit that joint forever and squawk about it to anyone who’ll listen.)

If I do have a crappy time at a restaurant, I’ll usually give them one more chance before I call it quitsies (or blogsies). Especially if it’s their first week in business, or if it’s a special night like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. (Example: I went to a new local brewpub while it was still in its infancy; it was understaffed and we had a rough time, but instead of blogging about it, we just waited six months. When we returned, the service had improved tremendously.)

I waited tables for years and I have a lot of respect for restaurant staff. They put up with a bunch of crap and get very little recognition for it.

So, gratitude #2 is a big THANK YOU to 3 Sisters Cafe and everyone else who’s ever worked at a restaurant and taken crap from strangers.

And, that’s all the gratitude I can muster for one day. You guys take it easy.

*Just don’t get too comfortable, gratitude.



  1. Enjoyed your thoughts on bloggers and restaurant reviews. I read a certain negative restaurant review on a blog today (…maybe the same post that sparked this one?), and had a similar reaction. I half expect the blogger’s next post to include some kind of thing like, “They contacted me after reading their bad review and the seven tweets I sent out about it and gave me a free gift certificate and sent me four packages of goodies in the mail!” Spare me.

    I love Alabama. This one’s kind of out of your usual metal rotation, no?

  2. Yay clean trails!

    Yelp tends to make me violent. People write entitled, assy things.

    One of my favorite restaurants in Rochester had a review that said something to the effect of “I can’t give this place 5 stars because the food in Rochester isn’t as good as that in NY or LA and it’d dilute my other reviews.” FUCKING REALLY? I mean, who the fuck made that rule? There is a LOT of good food in this town, even if it is known for fucking garbage plates. There is no need to be elitist for the sake of being elitist, which I think 95% of Yelp reviewers do. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY.

    And besides, 40 minutes + good coffee sounds like a good fucking time.

    • I am still intrigued/disgusted by the garbage plate.

      But yes, so many of those yelp reviews are irrelevant or written by someone in the heat of their fury for something that could easily have been resolved if they’d bothered to ask a few questions rather than wait until they get home to post a scathing review. The internet is both awesome and horrible for that reason.

  3. Okay, I seriously had a really pithy comment all thought up about the “Moron Greenway.” It did not include anything about reading comprehension.

    Agree 100% on your thoughts on restaurants. In fact, I extend it to the service industry in general. It makes me want to punch things when people complain that “getting fitted for running shoes is a waste of time!” or whatever because they had one experience with having to wait, or having a lazy employee, or whatever. Yes, you’re the customer and technically you may always be right, but that doesn’t mean the world revolves around you.

    • I’m calling it that from now on.

      And re: the service industry, yes exactly. It’s just that mentality of “I can make your life a living hell if you don’t bend over backwards to please me.”

  4. haha, i wonder what blogger restaurant review we were all reading….

    But yeah, I’m all for free press and giving our opinions, but NOT if the intent is to turn a whiny review into free stuff/apologies via the interwebs. Things happen, yo and the restaurant industry seems like a pretty stressful place to work.

    I am mad jeals of your 3 Sisters visit. I SAW THAT EPISODE OF DDD.

  5. Restaurant service has to be really bad – I mean, REALLY bad – for me to complain about it to someone else. And usually I won’t. I don’t go out to eat that often, so maybe that explains something. In any case, I’ve always taken those open-source review sites with a huge tablespoon of salt, especially after I heard reports of restaurants having their own people go online to lavish praise. I think Yelp! and and such have their time and place, but I also think people like to see their shit in writing. Dude, get a blog. That hurts nobody.

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