bitter end

Last night I mourned the weekend’s passing by eating homemade chicken soup and drinking beer.

Two Brothers’ the Bitter End, 5.2% ABV/30 IBU.

At the end of every glass, you will discover how this pale ale got its name.

Citrusy, piney kick; a smooth malty middle and a crispy, hoppy finish. So, yeah, a bitter end. But in a good way.

Now let’s talk about my phenomenal chicken soup.

I simmered chicken all day in the crock pot in a stock I made from water, TJs chicken broth, garlic, jalapenos, fresh fennel and the magical ingredient, Better Than Bouillon stock-paste. The last hour, I added a bunch of onions, carrots and celery, and to the bowl, I added about a half a cup of the (cooked) TJs Harvest Grain Blend of cous cous, garbanzos, orzo and red quinoa.

Skylar was maaaad crazy jealous.

So. Running?

With the exception of one very lousy run, last week left me feeling happy and confident. I logged 21.23 miles; far more than I’ve managed in a long time. (Last time I had a 20+ week was October! Sheezus.)

But — the weather is finally improving and I have no apparent injuries, so I’m really hoping to keep up the momentum; and I think this mellow four-a-week routine is something I’ll be able to stick with.

Okay, I’ll ask: big plans tonight? - It's comforting to know that we're equally maladjusted


6 thoughts on “bitter end

  1. Big plans to focus on the reports from day 1 of spring training, make a fattening meal and then eat a box of girl scout cookies. It’s all about ingoring the date on the calendar and eating my feelings instead.

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